Yahoo! Domains for $1.99: Best Deal Around

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Yahoo! Domains are still just $1.99 for new customers.

It's one cheapest offers around and still available exclusively on this site.

The coupon is available below:

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Anonymous, on Fri, 02/27/2009 - 10:27, said...
Not sure if its $1.99 every year. I doubt it.

sbd, on Mon, 03/02/2009 - 10:09, said...
I understand why you might be a little skeptical since $1.99 is a really good deal to register a domain for a year. Domains are indeed only $1.99 a year to register if you use the link we provide. But please note that this is an introductory offer for new customers and for the first year of registration. After that, it is $9.95 a year to re-register a domain. To read more about Yahoo!'s domain services head on over to their domain review page. Thanks for reading!