Ongoing Domain Registration Deals and Coupons

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Here are some of the current deals and coupons for domain registration:

Yahoo! Domains - Register a domain for only $1.99 per year for new customers!
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1&1 Domains - Register a .us domain for only $2.99 per year. - Expired
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399DOTINFO - $3.99 for a one year .INFO registration at Dotster. - Expired

399INFO - $3.99 for a one year .INFO registration at and - Expired

User Feedback

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We'd like to thank all of you who stop on by to check out this site. Whether it be for reading articles about domain registration, reviews on different domain providers, or blog entries on the latest deals.

Perhaps you've noticed (and if not, we'd like to point it out!) that for all of our articles and blog postings we have provided an area at the end for users to post their comments or thoughts and even rate the articles by assigning them a star rating. We have received some feedback already and would appreciate even more. Letting us know whether articles and blog posts are useful will help us in providing even better content for the user later on. Thanks!

New Domain Articles Posted - August 6, 2008

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In addition to the mini-articles we feature on the blog, we also include in-depth and detailed articles, how-to's, and faqs that are continually updated. Below are new articles added for this week:

Don't lose your Domain: The Domain Name Game
If you aren't careful, your domain name could be snatched out from under you. Buying it back can be an expensive process. Learn what steps and precautions to take to prevent this from happening.

Using Sub-Domains to Dominate
Sub-Domains is a typically a feature included when registering for a domain name. Learn what this feature is and how you can use it to help expand your online business/presence.

You can do it with ICANN
If you've signed up for an domain name you've probably heard of ICANN. They're the ones that charge the 20 cent fee per domain name. Learn who they are and what they do in this article.

What exactly is Domain forwarding?

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Today we're starting a new feature on our blog: mini articles. You can still find longer and more in-depth articles in the resource section of our site, but these periodic blog posts will be dedicated to explaining small specifics about domain registration and bring certain information to your attention to make you a more informed reader/buyer.

Domain Forwarding

The topic being covered today is domain forwarding. If you've been shopping around for a domain name, chances are you've come across this term or some other variation such as URL forwarding or URL redirection. These are all the same thing.

So what exactly is domain forwarding?

Simply put, domain forwarding means forwarding or redirecting one URL to another. Here's an example of it. In your browser's address bar try typing Notice there is no website but rather it redirects to the well-known

Why would I need domain forwarding?

Much like the case of, domain forwarding can be useful if you register multiple domain names where several of those are common misspellings of your desired domain name. The misspelled domain names can be set up to redirect or forward to the actual correct domain. Domain forwarding service is generally an included service from most domain name providers and can be easily set up through your account page or control panel.

If you'd like to find out more information about which providers offer this service, check out our domain name comparison page.