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The following is an excerpt from our new article - 5 Rules for Finding The Perfect Domain Name

It’s perhaps the most arduous and worthwhile pursuit for those of us looking to break into the world of domaining: finding that one perfect domain name.

Unfortunately, if you don’t own the rights to something like “,” then you’ve probably realized that a lot of the “perfect” domain names have already been taken. What is a domainer in the world of 2012 to do? Think outside the box, of course! There are still ways you can find a perfect domain name without having to resort to buying someone else’s. Here are five such rules for doing exactly that.

1. Ditch the Keyword Research

We know, we know – this is heresy amongst the SEO veterans reading this article right now. But if you’ve done a lot of keyword research in your niche and have come to the conclusion that all of the best domain names have already been taken, then you’re facing two possibilities: 1. Your niche is over-saturated already and you’re doing the wrong thing (that’s an article for another day) or 2. You can still construct a great domain name, but you need to quit thinking like the rest of the Internet marketers in your niche. So ditch the keywords you’ve been looking up if there are no opportunities there.

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