New Article - 6 Ways to Keep Your Blog's Link Profile Natural

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The following is an excerpt from our new article - 6 Ways to Keep Your Blog's Link Profile Natural

In this day and age, link building has become a bit of a no-no in the minds of many SEO marketers. Why? This ancient (well, by Internet standards) practice has clearly produced for a lot of people – so much so, in fact, that many people continue to swear by it.

The critics of link building would say that the time-tested tactic’s day has come and passed, especially as search engines like Google continue to recalibrate their formulas and grow ever the wiser. So how are you going to keep your blog’s link profile natural? Heck, you can’t even control how most people link to you!

Well, you’d be surprised, but there are ways to do it. Six ways to do it, in fact, that we’ll recommend right here:

1. Keep the Anchor Text Fresh

There’s nothing that says “spam” like placing all of your SEO eggs in the basket of one type of keyword or keyphrase. So don’t do it! In today’s Internet, you want to look as organic as possible – and, of course, be as organic as possible. If you can’t do that automatically, then do it manually by keeping your link-building efforts fresh with new anchor text all the time. Might it hurt you with one particular keyword? Sure, but so what? You want results that last a long time.

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