How Much is Your Domain Name Worth?

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So perhaps by now you've registered a few domain names. For some of them you have active sites pointing to these domains and for other domains they're just sitting there mostly inactive. Perhaps parked earning a few bucks a month. Have you ever stopped to wonder how much your domains might could be worth?

First of all there are people who just register domain names with the sole intent of holding them and hoping others will purchase them at a much higher cost. When you consider the cost of a domain per year is about $10 and then see that sales can often be in the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions you can see why they do this. Of course it creates an annoying situation with a lot of the better domain names being snapped up by these "domain squatters."

There are a few ways to easily judge if your domain name might have some worth or value.

Is your domain name a .com?
.com domain names are hands down the most valuable domain suffix. Though nowadays there are many different domains such as .me, .us, and so on, the internet began with .com and everyone knows .com.

How long is your domain name?
Shorter domain names are more valuable than longer names. For instance would be much more valuable compared to or Shorter names are easier for users to remember.

Does your domain name include a hyphen?
Hyphens immediately reduce the value of a domain. While we might think it helps to make the name clearer, it won't help the value.

how much is your domain worth?

If you are receiving unsolicited offers for your domain name, that right there will tell you if you are sitting on a potential big seller. To get more of a dollar value for how much your website might be worth or for a value you can use as a basis, try a free website like If you are very serious about selling your domain name you might want to get an expert appraisal from services like Sedo. These services are of course not free.

So even if you're not interested in selling or marketing your domain name, it can be interesting to find out if yours is worth something. And who knows, perhaps you can walk away with a paycheck for a nice vacation or an early retirement!

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