Is Your Business Email Unprofessional?

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Have you looked at a business card and noticed the business email address is something or It may have made you wonder at first and then think this looks rather unprofessional. But now, perhaps you're a small business owner and you find yourself in the same boat using a free email address. Well it's time to step it up! If there's anything that can really accentuate the small in small business and make you look like an amateur it's having an unprofessional email address!

To learn more about setting up custom email addresses for your business, we've written a new article to help and guide you. The following is an excerpt from our new article, The One Thing That Can Make Your Small Business Appear Unprofessional.

What is it, you're probably wondering. It's your business email address! Many small businesses use free personal accounts such as Yahoo!, Gmail, or AOL. While free email offerings these days have become quite robust and reliable, they can still make your small business appear amateurish and unprofessional while telling potential customers and business partners that you are too "small" to be taken seriously. To clarify how this could affect a business transaction consider the following (fake) competitive bidding situation...

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