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GoDaddy - 20% off orders $75 or more

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Godaddy is extending its 20% off discount for orders more than $75. Receive 20% off all of the Godaddy products such as domains, web hosting, servers, and e-commerce.

This coupon/promo code expires 10/8/2009, so start shopping now! Use source code fbgdhome20 to get 20% OFF your order of $75 or more when you order online at

GoDaddy Coupon: Save 20% off a purchase of $75 or more!

Godaddy - 10% to 20% off your entire order - ends 10/4/2009

Submitted by sbd on has again extended their coupons to help you save money on all your domain, web hosting, and ecommerce purchases! The following Godaddy Promo Codes are good only until 10/4/2009

Network Solutions - Additional September 2009 Promo Codes/Coupons

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Network Solutions has created 2 new promo codes and coupons for September 2009

Click here to redeem the coupons/promo codes listed below:

Extended September 2009 Coupons

Offer Coupon Code Expiration Date Link ID
New nsCommerceSpace™ Starter for only $19.09/month (annual package) plus a FREE Domain BCXXX03173 9/30/2009 10605895
20% off new Web Hosting plus a FREE Domain (annual package) OFFER02886 9/30/2009 10605895

New Domain Articles Posted

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We've posted up several new domain articles to help you read up and learn more about domain names. Check them out!

Pointing Your Domain Name to Your Website
"...If you buy the domain from the web host, pointing the domain to your site will be automatic, but many users buy a domain first and then look for a web host later – or they move the domain from one host to another. These users must “point” the domain to their website..."

New Domain or Subdomain?
"’re starting to build your web presence and you have your first domain up and running, the next question is often: 'Should my next website have a new domain name, or should it be a subdomain of the existing one?'..."

Domain Names -- A Few Precautions
"...Most businesses operating on the Internet are ethical and honest, but unfortunately there are a few unscrupulous companies and unethical practices. Being aware of these dishonest schemes will help you avoid falling victim to them..."

Should You Use a Temporary Domain Name?
"...If the domain name is registered but not being used, an option they might consider is registering a temporary domain name and using that until the name they really want becomes available. But is this a good idea?"

Also for more articles, visit our articles and resources page.