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$1.99 Yahoo Domain offer ending on 11/30/2007

Submitted by sbd on

Yahoo! Small Business will no longer offer $1.99 domain name as of 11/30/2007.

The price will go back to $9.95 so we recommend that you take advantage of the offer now. After 11/30 we recommend that you purchase Yahoo! Web Hosting for $7.77 per month and get the domain name for free.

Otherwise we recommend your purchase Godaddy Domain Names at the link below: Domains

Free Hosting versus domains and web hosting

Submitted by sbd on

While free hosting services like Myspace, Geocities, Tripod, and to a certain extent, Facebook, provide valuable services they are no substitute for a real domain name and shared web hosting service.

Some of the advantages of a domain and paid web hosting are listed below

* Ability to pick your own domain name, instead of having one assigned.

* Custom email address such as, instead of using free email services like yahoo, gmail, or hotmail.

* Potential for a larger, customized website instead of 1 page template.