Save 70% off 12 Months of Yahoo! Merchant Solutions!

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Yahoo! Small Business is at it again with an offer that is too good to let pass you by if you're looking at starting an online store. Right now, if you sign up for a Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Starter account, you'll save 70% off the normal price for an entire year. Instead of $39.95 a month, you'll only pay $10.95! This is a limited time offer so don't wait too long.

WordPress for Small Business – A Deeper Dive into Plugins

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Do you own a small business and would like to learn more about WordPress Plugins? Here is an introductory of what to check first before you shop and the top 5 best Plugins that can add value to your current WordPress website.

First off, understanding how your customers interact with your website will help you decide which plugins can benefit your bottom line. You’ll want to make sure you have the basic tools for your website before exploring WordPress plugins.

Now lets take a look at some of the top WordPress plugins. With 22,129 WordPress plugins, where does one start? Too many plugins will bog down your site and lower its performance, so you need to choose wisely.

Use this checklist to ensure the basic functioning of your site as a preliminary step to the following suggested plugins. Your goals should include:

  1. An adequate back up system to keep your data safe
  2. The best SEO support for optimum search results
  3. SPAM protection
  4. A useful contact form
  5. An avenue for several social media networking interactions

Here are 5 of the best and most useful WordPress plugins for your small business:

An Exclusive Coupon and Offer from Yahoo Small Business

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Today, we received an exclusive offer from Yahoo Small Business, for 50% off Yahoo Web Hosting. The coupon is for 50% off Yahoo Web Hosting for the first 3 months - this is as low at $1.75 per month. It's cheaper to buy this hosting plan (and get the domain for free) for 3 months ($5.25 total) than to register a domain name at places like Godaddy or 1and1.

We will be the only site to offer this coupon until May 31, 2013, and you can access the coupons below:

Get a Domain Name for less than a Buck!

Submitted by sbd on and Network Solutions are really vying for your business when it comes to registering a new domain name. Yahoo has always had one of the best prices with their $1.99 domain deal but and Network Solutions are upping the ante. First they were both offering $1.50 domain names but they've gone even further and are now offering a domain name for less than one dollar. Just 99 pennies to be exact.

Along with the $0.99 cent deal for a domain name (which includes .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .US, and .INFO domains), both companies are allowing you to purchase up to 3 domain names. They're making it easy to carve out a little personal slice online for less than a Subway $5 footlong!

If you're interested in checking out the offers see our links below:

Limited Time Only 99 Cent Domains from Network Solutions

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Incredible $1.50 Domain Name Deal!

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If you're looking to finally register that domain name you've always been thinking about or are looking to build up your domain portfolio, now is a great time. is currently running a $1.50 Domain Name special. For only $1.50 you can register a .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, or .US domain name for an entire year! Even better, you can register up to three domain names at this incredible price with

For less than the cost of your morning coffee you can register your very own space on the Internet! Click the image below to take advantage of this amazing offer from!

.COM vs .NET vs .ORG - .COM is still the King

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When registering a new domain and trying to find an available name, people often wonder if the domain name extension really matters. Oftentimes, the domain name you want will be unavailable as a .Com but will be available as a .Info or .Biz. Let's look at two factors, popularity and potential value, to see if the extension is still important.

Just how popular is the .com extension? Look at the chart below based on data from

Domain Pie Chart

The answer is that .Com extension still dominates - 75% of all domains are .Com followed far behind by .Net and .Org, at 10% and 7% respectively. These three domain extensions account for 92% of all domains registered. This suggests that people strongly prefer the .Com extension even when the name they want is available in another extension like .Biz or .Info.

Is it worth it to have a .Com versus the other extensions? To speak to that question, we took 5 random premium domain names and compared their values across the three most common extensions. We used to estimate their values and the results are below:

Estimated Value from by extension ($000s)**
Domain Name .COM .NET .ORG
dog 1,120 89 97
cat 1,030 73 86
texas 949 15 35
movies 2,050 87 30
purple 353 17 14
Average 1,100 56 52

Dotcom/Dotnet 19.6
Dotcom/Dotorg 21.0
Dotnet/Dotorg 1.1

As you can see, on average the .Com domains listed above are approximately 20 times more valuable than their .Net or .Org counterparts. This is consistent with the most expensive domain ever sold: (sold for $10 million) versus the sale price of at $454,000 ,which is a multiple of about 22 times. .Net and .Org seem to be equally about valuable.

In summary, .Com seems be king of the domain name extensions. Like in real estate, location is one of the most important factors, and .Com is prime real estate.

If you need to register a new domain name, we have the following coupons: Network Solutions $1.50 Domain Coupon, Yahoo Domain Coupon for $1.99, GoDaddy Domain Coupon for $2.95. .

* Source - as of 3/18/2013

Domain Name Advice for Novices

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A friend, who is not that technical, asked me for a domain name provider recommendations. I thought it would be helpful to share the advice:

  • Price. You should never be paying more than $9.95 for a .com domain, regardless of provider.
  • Renewal fees. Be aware the rewnal fee. Do not get stuck with a large renewal fee although you can always transfer the domain to another provider for less than $10.
  • Do you own multiple domains? If so, it's easier to just manage them through one provider.
  • Do you need hosting immediately with this domain? If so, go ahead and get hosting and get the domain for free.

Network Solutions $1.50 Domain Coupon. Yahoo Domain Coupon for $1.99 . GoDaddy Domain Coupon for $2.95 .

Tax Season 2013, Domain Registrations, and Suggested Coupons

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Generally, the first 3 months of the year is the busiest time for domains, domain registrations, and starting your website. One explanation is that people are thinking of start new businesses (and registering domains for them) in anticipation of paying their income taxes in April.

Several domain and hosting companies recognize this busy time and have several limited time coupons to encourage you to register your domain. We have listed 3 of the best promotions below:

Network Solutions $1.50 Domain Coupon.

Yahoo Domain Coupon for $1.99 .

GoDaddy Domain Coupon for $3.99 and FREE private registration .

Please take advantage of these opportunities!

Crowd Sourcing Your Domain Name

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Picking a new, original domain name can be difficult. The better ones have already been registered and domain squatters demand outrageous amounts for the premium names.

We recently tested crowdsourcing to help pick a domain name with a company called Namestation. Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people. For $35 you can set up a public contest where you describe the type of site you want to build and Namestation users will suggest different domain names based on your description. Users get points for making suggestions and you can choose from all the entries submitted.

The results were not spectactular. While we received nearly 50 entires in 5 days, we did not end up choosing any of the names suggested by the Namestation community.

The problem was that our standards were high and the quality of the crowdsourced names was poor with lots of volume, but little quality. We wanted an original, memorable, and catchy name that was not already registered, and we got alot of random keywords jammed together from users we did not know or trust. I would only recommend using companies like Namestation, Namingforce, and Squadhelp if you are totally out of your own ideas and already tapped out your personal network for help.