AN Hosting

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We also launched a section on AN Hosting, which provide a really cheap and reasonable web hosting plan

BlueHost and HostGator Web Hosting

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We have just added two of the cheapest and most reliable shared web hosting providers in BlueHost and Hostgator.

Both provider some of the most reasonable shared web hosting plans on the internet, so please check them out below:

Yahoo Domains Ending

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Unfortunately, we will no longer be offering Domains from Yahoo as they are ending their $1.99 offer. Prices will revert back to $9.95 as of 11/30/2007.

We recommend that you purchase Yahoo! Web Hosting and get the domain name for free. Yahoo Web Hosting costs only $7.77 per month (which is cheaper than $9.95 for a domain) and you can start building your web site immediately. Please click on the link below to take advantage of the special web hosting offer.

$1.99 Yahoo Domain offer ending on 11/30/2007

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Yahoo! Small Business will no longer offer $1.99 domain name as of 11/30/2007.

The price will go back to $9.95 so we recommend that you take advantage of the offer now. After 11/30 we recommend that you purchase Yahoo! Web Hosting for $7.77 per month and get the domain name for free.

Otherwise we recommend your purchase Godaddy Domain Names at the link below: Domains

Free Hosting versus domains and web hosting

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While free hosting services like Myspace, Geocities, Tripod, and to a certain extent, Facebook, provide valuable services they are no substitute for a real domain name and shared web hosting service.

Some of the advantages of a domain and paid web hosting are listed below

* Ability to pick your own domain name, instead of having one assigned.

* Custom email address such as, instead of using free email services like yahoo, gmail, or hotmail.

* Potential for a larger, customized website instead of 1 page template.

Adding Godaddy and Dotster

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We will soon be adding reviews and deals from domain and web hosting providers GoDaddy and Dotster.

Godaddy is the #1 domain registrar and #1 shared web hosting provider in the world while Dotster offers some of the best values in hosting today.

Stayed tuned for more information and special deals