Five Reasons you may need Cloud Hosting for your Web Site

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Perhaps cloud hosting is a term you've heard tossed around recently? But now you're probably wondering what it is and can it help my business or web site? We've added a new article to our resource section to help you with this question. Below is an excerpt from our new article: Cloud Hosting - Understanding the Basics.

Although the idea of Cloud Hosting has been around for many years, only recently has this concept to host a website been put into actual practice. Also known as Cloud Computing and Clustered Hosting, Cloud Hosting is quite different from the way client-server computing has been working for the past 20 years when every application was allocated to one web server that was located in one data center. Unfortunately, this meant that if one server were to experience any down time the user would experience an interruption in their service (unless a backup system took over, which didn’t always work as expected).

What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

When Cloud Hosting is utilized, an entire network of interconnected servers is used to host a website instead of just the one web server. This means that all of the resources that are needed to manage a website are being utilized by more than the one web server, which in turn means that the website will now be able to use several different servers to house all the various facets needed to competently host the website. This new setup allows for both faster and much more efficient web hosting services.

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Top Cloud Hosting Providers - Top 10 list

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Cloud Hosting seems to be one of the big buzzwords of the day. For the most part, individuals and small businesses who have simple website needs won't need or benefit much from cloud hosting or cloud computing; there needs can be served by any of the web hosting providers on this site.

However, for those businesses which have lots of data storage needs and can benefit from cloud hosting, we have provided a list of the Top Cloud Hosting Providers in the chart below: