New Feature! - Rate The Success of Our Coupons

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We are happy to announce the launch of a brand new feature to our coupons called Success Rate! The Success Rate is designed to help you to select the best and most reliable domain name, web hosting, and ecommerce related coupons. This feature, which is available for every single coupon on our site, is the rate of success for a specific coupon calculated from feedback given by our Community. For a coupon, you are given the option to either vote "thumbs up" if you were able to successfully redeem the offer or a "thumbs down" if the coupon didn't work for you.

The Success Rate can be an important metric for users when looking through coupons and offers. While we try to highlight the best offers, we know there are still a lot of coupons to sort through. It also helps to bring certain coupons to our attention that perhaps need to be taken down for being unreliable. We hope you will provide your important vote and feedback when using coupons on our site!

Lastly let's check out an actual example of the Success Rate on the Yahoo! Small Business Coupon page below:

How to use the coupon success rate

We expect the success rate will help you find the best domain, hosting, and e-commerce related coupons even easier. As we want to encourage participating in voting, to vote does not require any registration. But do know that you only get one vote per coupon. If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, hit us up in the comments!

Introducing the Community Forum!

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We continually look for ways to improve our web site and offer a better experience to our users. With that we'd like to introduce our revamped Community Forum. We designed this with ease of use for the user in mind but yet at the same time offering the necessary features that users need.

When you first visit the page you'll likely notice there is the text box at the top. This is where you can pose your questions, start discussions, report problems, get technical advice, and provide general feedback. You can easily switch between these topics by clicking the buttons above the text box. You should note, to post you do have to be a registered user. We've streamlined the sign up process so you can either log in using your Facebook account or easily create a new SBD user account.

We hope with the community forum will become a place where other users will participate by offering their advice or answers to questions posted by other users. To help facilitate that we are going to add several new features in the near future such as points which are earned from answering questions and achievements which are earned from collecting points.

So look forward to even more improvements coming in the near future. In the meantime check out the Community Forum. Post your questions, problems, and comments - we'd love to read them!

New and Improved Search Feature on!

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We're always striving to make this web site a better resource for you. Whether you're new and just starting to establish your online presence or even if you're experienced and looking to improve upon things. Today, we want to introduce you to our new and improved search tool. It has been rebuilt to provide you with more useful and accurate results. When conducting a search you can choose between searching our vast database of coupons and deals or searching through our ever-growing library of resource articles and product reviews.

Please try our improved search tool! Also, let us know if there are other features or improvements you'd like to see on our website.