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Overall Rating
Price Range$4.95 - $6.95
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk SpaceUnlimited
Email AddressesUnlimited Emails
Free DomainIncluded for 1 year or more
Guarantee30-day Money Back guarantee
Support24/7 Live chat
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Dot5 Hosting Web hosting Coupon
Cost Structure
1-6 month contract$6.95
12 month contract$4.95

Key Features

Dot5Hosting Web Hosting Review & Summary

Company Description

Dot5Hosting web hosting was established in 2002 with a focus on being able to provide future customers with the best web hosting options at a price that is deemed affordable. Dot5Hosting states that they specialize in customer satisfaction, and want to provide their customers with the best customer service possible, which is especially important nowadays due to the abundance of web hosting providers currently participating in the web hosting market.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

Dot5Hosting offers the same plan to all customers with options to purchase this web hosting plan in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 year plans.

The following features are thus included when you choose to purchase a web hosting plan with Dot5Hosting:

  • Disk Storage - Unlimited
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • Free Domain Name (with a minimum 1 year plan purchase)
  • POP3 Secure Email Boxes
  • Additional FTP Accounts - Unlimited
  • vDeck Control Panel

Know that you must transfer an existing domain name or register a new domain name when signing up for Dot5Hosting web hosting services. Also, be sure to check/uncheck the boxes and pay close attention to your order total at the very bottom of the page, as well as preparing yourself to go through the abundance of additional web pages offering additional web hosting services at various prices.

Dot5Hosting also offers new customers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you truly have nothing to lose when trying out their web hosting services. Know that refunds do not include set up fees and/or overage fees.

Dot5Hosting Features rating:

Dot5Hosting offers a variety of some of the more popular as well as expected features when it comes to hosting a website, yet goes that extra distance by upgrading these features to include unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, POP3 emails, and unlimited FTP accounts, just to name a few. Bonus features include but are not limited to professional web templates, web page & document editor, and Site Builder, which are all great tools that can help you get your website built and launched in well under an hour.

Additional products and services are available at an additional cost, such as Site Backups and Restore, SiteLock, SSL Certificates, and Professional SEO Services.

Dot5Hosting Reliability/Performance rating:

Dot5Hosting uses advanced technology when it comes to the two data centers located near Boston, MA. The network infrastructure consists of a pooled server environment, which means that any one of the many servers are able to access website files when necessary, which can equal faster loading times as well as fewer service interruptions. Additionally, the data centers also run on N+1 power and are monitored around the clock, making sure that your website is as secure as it can possibly be.

Additionally, Dot5Hosting's network consists of more than 800 servers, which are estimated to process 5.5 gigabits of storage per second. Furthermore, every single machine is paired together with a matching machine with a purpose of taking over if the initial machine happens to crash.

Dot5Hosting also offers their customers an uptime guarantee and states, "We always try to provide 99.9% uptime. However, there might be some rare cases when the website might go down due to some unavoidable situations. However, in such time also our engineers do try to resolve the issue as soon as possible so that it will have minimum impact on the customers websites."

Dot5Hosting Ease of set up and use rating:

Dot5Hosting uses vDeck for their control panel, which essentially creates a platform that allows Dot5Hosting engineers and designers to customize this easy-to-use control panel in order to give their customers lots of user-friendly choices when it comes to creating and managing their particular website.

Drag & Drop Site Builder. A great tool that helps you create a professional looking website by simply dragging and dropping all the necessary elements onto the appropriate pages of your website. You have the option to pay more money in order to upgrade this tool so that you are able to receive additional site-building features.

Website Creator by CM4all. Comes free with your web hosting plan, yet is also limited in features offered. If more features are wanted you have the option to upgrade this website building tool.

SimpleScripts. Offers users the ability to install a wealth of useful scripts that can add to your websites overall functionality.

Dot5Hosting Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

Dot5Hosting places great emphasis on providing the best customer service possible and shows it through the variety of customer and technical support services offered. You are able to contact Dot5Hosting's support team 24/7, which is one of the most important aspects that new, potential website hosting customers are looking for when it comes to customer service/support options.

User Guide. A great resource for finding answers about how exactly web hosting works.

Browse the Knowledgebase. Listed by category, you are able to browse through a large variety of topics in order to find the answers you're looking for.

Tutorials. A great choice for those who tend to learn better through visualization.

Phone. Call Dot5Hosting's 1-866 number in order to talk to a real live person.

Live Chat. Simply click on the Live Chat link and you can expect a response anywhere from 1 minute to 9 minutes, depending on the day as well as the time of day.

Premium Support. Dot5Hosting offers customers the option to choose their premium phone support service, which comes at the additional cost of $29.95 a month.

Dot5Hosting Value rating:

The overall value of Dot5Hosting web hosting services is considered to be good to great. The fact that they offer one plan that offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth (and more!) at an affordable price is extremely enticing to those that are currently looking for a web hosting plan that offers lots of features for the price paid. Customer service is deemed to be a high-priority and shows through the wealth of customer service options that are available with a purpose of making the customer experience one that is effortlessness.

Additionally, the longer the plan purchased, the more money you'll be saving!

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. Dot5Hosting shows a lot of strength in offering their customers a great web hosting plan that includes lots of great features at an affordable price. The vDeck platform gives Dot5Hosting the ability to customize their user-friendly control panel so that it conforms to what customers truly want and/or need in order to assist them in building, launching, and managing their very own website.

Weaknesses. Great customer phone support should come with the purchase of Dot5Hosting's web hosting plan. The fact that they are charging five to six times more than the actual coast of the web hosting plan (based on monthly charges) in order for customers to feel that they are receiving the best phone support is not something everyone can afford to do.

Dot5Hosting Recommendation rating:

Dot5Hosting is a web hosting company that offers a lot of great features that are sure to please those that are new to the world of web hosting as well as those that have previous experience with building and launching a website. Some of the most popular features are offered via their vDeck control panel, which is not only very user-friendly but can also be upgraded by Dot5Hosting's designers and engineer's when deemed necessary.

When researching through the many web hosting providers in order to find one that's just right for you, know that Dot5Hosting is one that offers some of the best and most popular features at a truly affordable price.

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