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Overall Rating
Price Range$3.75 - $14.75
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk Space10GB - Unlimited
Bandwidth300GB - Unlimited
Email Addresses100-Unlimited
Free DomainNo
Support24/7 Phone Support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Cost Structure
1 year$3.75 - $13.75

Key Features

Dotster Web Hosting

Company Description

Dotster Web Hosting company was founded in the year 2000, with a mission to give people the tools they need in order to compete successfully on the internet. With a focus on delivering high-quality products and/or services to their customers, Dotster offers a variety of the most central web hosting services, such as web hosting, domain registration, custom web design, online marketing, security/privacy solutions, and email account creation.

Dotster is currently one of the largest domain name registrar companies, managing more than 3 million domain names as well as millions of their current customers. Since most of Dotster's customers consist of both small and medium-sized businesses, Dotster has created a wealth of additional services that are intended to add value to a business website.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

Dotster offers 3 different pricing plans of which all are considered to be a great value.

Basic Hosting

  • Disk Space - 10GB
  • Bandwidth - 300GB
  • # of Domains Hosted - 1
  • FTP Logins - 5
  • SiteBuilder Sites Pages - 15
Deluxe Hosting
  • Disk Space - 100GB
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • # of Domains Hosted - 50
  • FTP Logins - 25
  • SiteBuilder Sites Pages - Unlimited
Ultra Hosting
  • Disk Space - Unlimited
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • # of Domains Hosted - Unlimited
  • FTP Logins - 50
  • SiteBuilder Sites Pages - Limited

All accounts come with free set up and there is no long-term commitment. Dotster also offers up to a 30% discount when you choose one of their longer hosting plans, as well as occasionally promoting a free domain name with the purchase of one of their hosting plans.

Dotster Features rating:

What's really great about Dotster is that they offer all of their customers the same features, just more of them when you upgrade to the Deluxe or Ultra plan. Some web hosting companies make it so that the least expensive plan receives such basic services that people almost have to upgrade to experience some of the features that are now so very popular with website owners. Even though the features offered by Dotster are also basic, the least expensive plan includes all the features that the other, more expensive plans receive, and are all one really needs in order to create and launch a website.

SiteBuilder. The Basic Plan allows customers to utilize basic SiteBuilder, while the other 2 plans offer unlimited SiteBuilder options. This super-easy-to-use-program has you 1. choose your domain name, 2. choose the design you want/need, and 3. customize it so that it meets your specific criteria, and then publish! A really great program for those that are launching a website for the very first time.

Web Analytics Tool. This is a great tool that allows users to view the details about their website. It measures, collects, and analyzes any and all data so you are able to understand the behavior of people that are visiting your website.

Dotster Reliability/Performance rating:

Dotster Web Hosting company prides themselves in their web hosting infrastructure, as it is one that is made up of a group of certified network engineers who have come together in order to manage Dotster's best-in-class data center.

Reliability. Dotster has a 99.99% uptime track record, which is a percentage that most web hosting companies strive for. Although this percentage is a highly acceptable one, a few other web hosting companies offer their customers an uptime guarantee (a refund for any amount of time your website experiences downtime), which Dotster does not.

Performance. 8 gigabits per second transit capacity.

Security. Locking cabinets, secure data center access, critical/video monitoring, and instant bandwidth upgrades all add up to an impressive security system.

*Dotster is taking that all-important green step by supporting renewable energy programs! All you need to do is use their hosting services and you're helping Dotster reach their goal of becoming a truly sustainable web hosting company - a true win-win.

Dotster Ease of set up and use rating:

Dotster makes setting up your website easy to do by offering their customers special set-up tools, such as SiteBuilder, which can make setting up and launching a website a super simple process. This program is becoming more popular due to its simplicity and is utilized by thousands of new website owners who want and/or need the assistance of a professional program. There are more than 300 website designs from which to choose (all designed by professional designers) so you are able to truly customize a template to fit your specific needs.

Setting up email accounts with Dotster is also a simple process, giving the user the option to create customized, email addresses. Recently, there have been a few complaints when it comes to using Dotster's email system, which was due to a glitch in the mail server. New upgrades to the system have been made in order to fix any and email account issues.

Dotster Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

Dotster places a large emphasis on their customer support service, as they understand the need for their customers to receive the best support possible when it comes to hosting your website. Dotster claims they listen closely to their customers in order to truly understand their needs, and then gives it to them.

When visiting the 24/7 Support Page, you'll be given quite a few choices to select from: Getting Started Guide, Knowledge Base/FAQS, Maintenance/Service Alerts, Report Abuse/Spam, as well as some How-To topics. These documents all contain lots of valuable information and users (especially beginners!) are encouraged to explore these informative and important documents so that they can inform themselves on the essential basics of building and launching a website.

You are able to contact Dotster's customer care staff via phone or email 24/7, which is a nice option, as some web hosting companies require you call only between certain hours. Wait times for placing a phone call is estimated to run between 7 & 40 minutes, and seems to be based on the day as well as the time of day the call is placed. Response from an email sent can range anywhere between a few hours to a few days.

Dotster Value rating:

Dotster offers a good to great value when it comes to their web hosting packages. Although the tools given are considered basic tools, they are all essential when it comes to creating and launching a website. Dotster tends to offer more disk space and bandwidth when compared to other web hosting companies that offer the same or similar pricing structures.

Top of the line security features are included with their web hosting packages, as well as high performance and top reliability features, showing that Dotster's is taking all the required safety measures to ensure that their customers feel safe and secure.

*Dotster is the recipient of many, prestigious web hosting awards.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. Dotster shows great strength in their ability to provide affordable web hosting plans that include all the essential tools needed to create and launch a website. What's really great is that their least expensive Basic Plan provides the user with more disk space and bandwidth than many other leading competitors. Because Dotster places extra emphasis on helping the small-to-medium business owner succeed when it comes to building, launching, and marketing a website, this particular niche can expect to receive lots of added value when it comes to website creation and sustainability.

Weaknesses. Dotster had many unhappy customers when their email system was creating so many issues and problems that people could not access their email accounts. Appropriate upgrades were quickly made to correct this problem. Also, although complaints regarding downtime as well as customer service issues are minimal when compared to other leading web hosting companies, they still exist.

Dotster Recommendation rating:

Dotster states that they are one of the top web hosting companies because of the commitment they've made to their customers. These commitments include providing the best products and/or services along with the best customer support, not pushing customers to buy additional products and/or services, and providing the expertise and credibility that can give customers that web presence they've always envisioned.

Thus, Dotster Web Hosting is a company that offers people the chance to receive affordable web hosting services that not only include all the essential tools needed to build and launch their very own website, they are able to make their customers feel like they truly matter by giving them great customer service.

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