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Overall Rating
Price Range$7.96 - $21.56
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk Space350GB-750GB
Email Addresses500-Unlimited
Free DomainNot Included
Guarantee30-day Money-back Guarantee
Support24x7 Phone and email Support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Cost Structure
1 month contract$7.96-$21.56

Key Features

EasyCGI Web Hosting Review & Summary

Company Description

EasyCGI Web Hosting is a company that is one to be reckoned with as it has been ranked time and time again as one of the top ten web hosting providers on a global basis. With a focus on providing their customers with the newest technology as well as the best customer service possible, this web hosting company does their best to ensure that they continue to be one that is recognized as one of the top web hosting providers worldwide.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

EasyCGI offers 3 different web hosting plans in order to give their customers a few different options when it comes to hosting a website. EasyCGI also chooses to use Windows 2008/2003 for the following 3 web hosting plans because they believe that it offers the most advanced hosting server platform and accordingly uses it for their shared hosting plans. Linux OS is only available with VPS Hosting.

Advanced X

  • Disk Space - 350GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer - 3500GB
  • Web Server - IIS7/IIS6
  • FTP Accounts - Unlimited
  • Host Domains - Unlimited
Advanced X2
  • Disk Space - 500GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer - 5000GB
  • Web Server - IIS7/IIS6
  • FTP Accounts - Unlimited
  • Host Domains - Unlimited
Advanced X4
  • Disk Space - 750GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer - 7500GB
  • Web Server - IIS7/IIS6
  • FTP Accounts - Unlimited
  • Host Domains - Unlimited

Know that you have the option to not register a domain, register a new domain, or transfer an existing domain. Also, be sure to check your order total before submitting as some boxes are automatically selected for purchase when placing your order.

EasyCGI Features rating:

When it comes to disk space and monthly data transfer, EasyCGI is limited in the amount it gives to its customers in all 3 of the plans offered above. Most web hosting companies are choosing to stay competitive by offering both unlimited disk space as well as unlimited monthly data transfer, which EasyCGI does not.

CM4all Web Site Builder. Choose from hundreds of templates in order to create your particular website to be exactly the way you want it to be. A great tool for those who are new to creating and launching a website!

EasyCGI Reliability/Performance rating:

EasyCGI is very confident in their ability to provide the best when it comes to reliability and performance and accordingly states that their customers can expect to receive 99.9% uptime. They have 2 data centers that are located near Boston, MA, which has more than 800 servers in a pooled server environment that allows each and every server to access any and all website files when deemed necessary. Redundant routers as well as 2 firewalls offer customers quality protection so customers can also feel secure when using EasyCGI's web hosting services.

EasyCGI also offers their customers what they call their eXtreme Guarantee with all of their web hosting plans, which essentially states that they are committed to offering their customers the highest quality products as well as the most advanced and fastest hosting services possible.

EasyCGI Ease of set up and use rating:

EasyCGI uses vDeck as their control panel platform, which although isn’t as user-friendly and popular as cPanel it still offers users lots of easy-to-use and thus easy-to-understand features. Once logged into your account, you are able to choose the QuickStart option if you happen to be new to the world of setting up websites, which allows you to have quick access to some of the more popular tools that can help you manage your particular website, email, and/or domain.

Choose to view the mini-tutorial that covers the vDeck control panel so that you can get a brief yet helpful overview that helps you better understand how to utilize this control panel to its fullest extent.

EasyCGI Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

EasyCGI offers around the clock customer support, which is a highly appreciated benefit that most people look for when they are looking for a web hosting provider.

Knowledgebase. Many answers to your questions can be found by first searching the wealth of information that's included in EasyCGI's Knowledgebase. Browse by category, such as building your website, website management, and scripting.

User Guide. Choose from the many topics in order to get some really great in-depth information about anything and everything related to hosting a website.

Tutorials. Are you a visual learner? Then this option is a great choice when it comes to learning about website management as it is provided to you via small, informative tutorials.

Support Ticket. Many people prefer to contact customer service via a support ticket, which is essentially the same thing as sending them an email.

Phone. Contact EasyCGI's sales and support team by calling their 1-866 number, which is available 24/7. Wait times range from 2 minutes to upwards of 14 minutes, which is dependent on the day as well as the time of day you place the call. Unfortunately for most as this is deemed to be quite pricey, EasyCGI offers a Premium Support Subscription, which allows you to call a special number in order to get better and faster service that comes at the cost of $29.95 a month.

Live Chat. Click on the live chat link in order to talk with a customer service representative any time of the day or night.

EasyCGI Value rating:

The overall value of EasyCGI's web hosting services are considered to be good. Although there aren't as many features as many other similar web hosting companies, they do use vDeck as their control panel platform, which is becoming more popular due to the fact that it is so very customizable and thus can be upgraded to include more features that customers expect from a great web hosting company. They do have a lot of great customer support options that are available on a 24/7 basis, which adds a lot to their overall value.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. EasyCGI offers their customers both reliability and great website speed, which are two of the most important features that people are looking for when looking for a web hosting provider. Additionally, they place a lot of emphasis on creating a customer support system that offers a lot of options when it comes to giving customers the answers they may want/need when it comes to hosting a website.

Weaknesses. The amount of features offered by EasyCGI is less when compared to other similar web hosting companies. They do use vDeck, a control panel platform this is highly customizable making it so that they are able to easily add more features in order to give their customers a few more viable options when it comes to hosting a website.

EasyCGI Recommendation rating:

EasyCGI has received lots of awards for their web hosting services, which shows that they truly know what they're doing when it comes to hosting websites. They tend to place a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction by not only providing a lot of customer and technical support options but also by offering a few of the more popular features when it comes to giving them the tools necessary in order to build, launch, and manage a website.

EasyCGI offers their customers a 30-day guarantee, so there's truly nothing to lose when wanting to give one of their web hosting plans a try.

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