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Overall Rating
Price Range$2.49 - $10.75
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk Space5000MB - Unlimited
Bandwidth30000MB - Unlimited
Email Addresses1000 - Unlimited
Free DomainIncluded
Guarantee30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Support24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Heart Internet Web Hosting Coupon
Cost Structure
1 Month£2.49 - £10.75

Key Features

Heart Internet Web Hosting Review & Summary

Company Description

Heart Internet Web Hosting was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs Jonathan Brealey and Tim Beresford, who between the both of them have more than 10 years of web hosting and domain name registration experience. Their first venture was the creation of WebFusion, which was launched in 1997 and offered a wide variety of new web hosting products and features. With a focus on offering their customers low prices and powerful products, Heart Internet is considered to be one of the top web hosting companies that is based in the United Kingdom.

Heart Internet Web Hosting
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Product Description and Different Plans Offered

Heart Internet offers 3 different pricing plans with the purpose of being able to provide a variety of plan options for the variety of reasons people decide to establish their website presence.

Starter Pro. A great plan for individuals who are new to the world of building and managing a website.

  • Web Space - 5,000MB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 30,000MB
  • # of Websites - 1
Home Pro. Made for those who need more options in order to build a website for their small or medium-sized business.

  • Web Space - Unlimited
  • Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • # of Websites - 1
Business Pro. Lots of great features that allow users to build and manage a professional website.
  • Web Space - Unlimited
  • Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • # of Websites - 3

*Know that there is a Value Added Tax (VAT) added to the total of your web hosting plan.
*Domain names can be purchased separately.
*A 30-day guarantee is offered on all web hosting accounts.

Heart Internet Features rating:

Heart Internet offers their customers a great variety of features that are geared towards helping both the beginner as well as the advanced user when it comes to website creation. Heart Internet has even developed their very own control panel, which they claim is the world's most advanced web hosting control panel. This allows them the control to give their customers exactly what they want, making this company one that truly caters to the many, various needs of their clients'. Since they have created their own control panel, they are able to add/include some of the more popular tools that their customers want and/or need.

Although the bulk of the features offered are comparable to other similar web hosting companies, Heart Internet offers a little more bang for your buck.

iPhone Control Panel Access. The ability for people to use their iPhone to access the internet and/or manage their website is here! and is becoming more and more popular every day that goes by. This fact makes this tool a really great asset to those who are always on the go.

Website Builder. A great tool that allows users to design their website quickly and easily. Lots of templates let you create your particular website exactly how you envision it to be, giving you the power to make your website look as professional as possible.

*Not available with the Starter Pro Plan.

Heart Internet Reliability/Performance rating:

Heart Internet uses Dell Servers in their web hosting platform, which uses state-of-the-art technology. If one server happens to fail, another server automatically takes over making it so that customers are highly unlikely to experience any sort of service interruptions. Heart Internet also operates their network equipment through Cisco Systems, which is trusted the world over. They also utilize the services of Redhat, a leading provider when it comes to open source software.

Although Heart Internet places great emphasis on how important reliability and performance are to their customers, they do not offer any guarantees if any type of service interruption is experienced.

Heart Internet Ease of set up and use rating:

Unlike signing up for a web hosting account in the USA, when initially signing up for Heart Internet's web hosting services you have to first fill out a registration form and then you are taken to a page where you are able to order the services you want/need. Although the process varies a little from US-based web hosting companies, the signing up process is still simple as you are guided through each and every step.

Once you've logged into your account you are able to instantly start the creation process of building your website, using the large variety of tools offered in Heart Internet's personalized control panel. Since the control panel is extremely user-friendly, both newcomers as well as experienced website launchers are sure to appreciate the way Heart Internet has designed their panel making it one that is truly geared towards their customers by listening and responding to their feedback.

Heart Internet Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

Heart Internet offers their customers around-the-clock customer support, which is one of the top benefits people are looking for in a web hosting company. Their web hosting customer support team is based in the UK, with 100% of their team in-house, which is preferred due to Heart Internet's ability to train their staff exactly how they want them to respond to customers wants/needs. Additionally, Heart Internet claims that they only hire people who are truly interested in internet technology and/or web hosting.

Online Form. Fill out their online form and receive a reply within a day.

Phone. Call times are minimal making calling Heart Internet a great choice for people who prefer to call so that they can speak directly to their customer support team.

Live Chat. A great option for those who either don't have a phone available to call, or simply prefer to participate in a live chat session in order to get the answer(s) their looking for.

Web Hosting Guides. Download one of the many Web Hosting Guides they offer, which are in download form. Topics include Planning Your Website, Building Your Website, Marketing Your Website, and more.

Heart Internet Value rating:

The overall value of Heart Internet web hosting is good to great when compared to other web hosting companies. Although the prices charged for the 3 different hosting plans offered are a little higher than other similar, web hosting plans, the features offered are truly worth this price difference. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that they place a high level of importance on their ability to offer their customers with the best customer service possible, which is a highly appreciated service.

Since Heart Internet believes in the value of what their customers have to say, and claims to read every single suggestion that is sent to them so that they are able to truly understand exactly what it is that people want when it comes to managing a website, their value is automatically elevated to another whole level.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. Heart Internet shows exceptional strength in their ability to give their customers some of the best customer service when it comes to needing help about anything and everything related to hosting a website. They also excel in giving their customers a control panel that was created by them with a goal to address what their customers are asking for when it comes to building and managing a website.

Weaknesses. Although not a true weakness, the cost of their plans are considered a little high when compared to other web hosting companies (which is offset due to the benefits received).

Heart Internet Recommendation rating:

Heart Internet is a web hosting provider that aims to give people all the necessary functions and versatility needed to build and launch a successful website. Their customer support team places great emphasis on what their customers have to say, and it shows! Even though the costs are a little higher than other, similar web hosting companies, the fact that you'll receive great customer service as well as some of the best tools offered for making a successful website makes it well worth the prices paid.

Heart Internet is the recipient of many web hosting awards.

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