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Overall Rating
Price Range$4.99 - $49.99
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk Space25MB - 10GB
Bandwidth5GB - 500GB
Email Addresses5 - 50
Free DomainIncluded on plans greater than $4.99
Guarantee30 Days
SupportPhone support 6:00am - 5:30pm PST
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Cost Structure
1 Month$4.99 - $49.99

Key Features

Intuit Web Hosting: Review & Summary

Company Description

The Intuit company was founded back in 1983 as a business that was designed to help people balance their personal finances. Jump to 2010, and we are witness to Intuit pulling in 3.5 billion dollars in revenue! Intuit got to where they are today by offering their superior financial services and still stands by their flagship products, such as Quicken and QuickBooks. In fact, Intuit has only been in the business of web hosting for a few years now and decided to expand into web hosting services because they understand that the internet world is constantly changing and they feel like they are able to keep up with these changes and thus be able to offer their customers the best web hosting services possible.

Intuit puts a focus on inventing solutions that can solve any problems and/or issues so that their customers are always happy.

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Product Description and Different Plans Offered

Intuit offers 3 different pricing plans in order to accommodate the various needs of customers.

Starter Package. $4.99, then jumps to $9.99 after 3 months

  • Webpages - 5
  • Bandwidth - 5GB
  • SiteBuilder Software
  • Customizable Templates
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Support (does not come with an email account)
  • Domain names are an extra $2 a month, plus a setup fee of $5. You have the option to upgrade to another package that already includes a domain name.
Business Package. $23.99
  • Webpages - 100
  • Bandwidth - 100GB
  • Includes Starter Package Features plus...
  • Personalized Domain Name
  • Matching Email Address
  • Blog
  • Receive PayPal Payments
Business Plus Package. $49.99
  • Webpages - Unlimited
  • Bandwidth - 500GB
  • Includes Starter Package Features plus...
  • 3 Personalized Domains
  • 50 Matching Email Addresses
  • Blog
  • Receive PayPal Payments

Intuit offers their customers a 30-day guarantee on all of their packages.

Intuit Features rating:

Even though Intuit Web Hosting services offers a few great features, in order to receive the full benefits of these features you must sign up for the Business or Business Plus package.

SiteBuilder Plus. Use this award winning tool to create your website, which is a super-easy-to-use-program that has you choose the design you want/need, customize it so that it meets your specific website needs, and then publish! This is a really great program for those that are creating and launching a website for the very first time.

Traffic Booster. Helps improve search engine rankings by routinely finding and putting the best keywords in the footer area, which can help drive traffic to your particular site. Cost? $9 per month.

Intuit Reliability/Performance rating:

Although Intuit does not provide a reliability guarantee, their uptime is impressive as it tends to stay above that all-important 99% guarantee that's offered by most other top web hosting companies. Intuit's data centers are professionally monitored by both staff and tools 24/7 in order to give their customers the reliable, web hosting service that is to be expected when launching a website.

Intuit uses advanced security safeguards and uses the same type of encryption technology utilized by many of the banking establishments so you can feel safe when you choose to use Intuit as you web hosting provider.

Intuit Ease of set up and use rating:

Once you sign up for the free trial, you are able to get started right away by clicking on the 'Get Started' button. The next page allows you to find a design that fits your specific needs. After choosing your design, you are able to select 4 pages to start your website. What's really nice is that as you select your web pages a template is shown so you know exactly what your page will look like once it's up and running. You can also add/alter the pages properties, such as adding meta tags and keywords, which can save you lots of time!

Intuit places a large focus on how easy it is to create and launch a website. They sum up the whole process in 3 simple steps - 1. Pick a Design 2. Customize it 3. Show the world. Intuit thus does everything in their power to inform possible customers on just how easy the website creation process can be.

Intuit Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

Intuit has a Help Center so their customers are able to have access to any and all questions/answers that they may have when creating and launching a brand new website. (Once inside the Help Center, you have to use the back button to escape, which is really inconvenient.) They state that their Web Advisors are experts who are located in California, Colorado, and Virginia, something that many users like to hear as many web hosting companies use outside (the country) customer support.

Help Ticket. Fill out a form with your question and you are informed that a "web advisor" will get back to you in about 1 day.

Phone. Call their 1-800 number between the hours of 6:00 am & 5:30 pm (PST) in order to talk to a web advisor.

* Within 1 minute of entering the website, a chat box pops up so that an Intuit Rep can answer any questions you may have, which is a nice change from having to search for ways to contact customer support when/if needed!

Intuit Value rating:

The value of Intuit's Web Hosting services is poor when compared to other web hosting companies. The Starter Package is reasonable priced at $4.99 per month, but once you want to upgrade (which is highly likely due to the minimal features received with this package) the price is quadrupled for the next package up - Business, and is ten times more expensive for the Business Plus package.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. Intuit shows great strength in offering their customers a super simple way to build and launch a website. They place a huge focus on how easy it is to start a website and uses their 30-day free trial period to get people to give it a try, as there is nothing to lose in doing so.

Weaknesses. The features included for the prices given do not come close to other web hosting companies. In fact, it only makes sense that Intuit offers their Starter Package to get people to join, and then once they figure they are going to need additional disk space and/or bandwidth, they'll have no choice but to upgrade to one of their more expensive pricing packages.

Intuit Recommendation rating:

Intuit currently hosts websites for more than 300,000 small businesses, as well as thousands more for personal usages. The fact that Intuit makes it so very easy to set up and launch a website is their primary hook that draws their customers in, yet good web support and customer service are what keeps them there.

If you are looking for a web hosting company that makes it super simple to create and launch a website, Intuit is definitely worth the time looking into.

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