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Overall Rating
Price Range$0.00 - $30.00
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk Space5MB - 5 GB
BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
Email AddressesN/A
Free DomainN/A
Guarantee15 day free trial
Support24/7 free email support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Cost Structure
1 MonthFree - $30.00

Key Features

Jigsy Web Hosting Review & Summary

Company Description

Jigsy Web Hosting, which is located in British Columbia, Canada, is proud to say that their web hosting company was created by a small team of dedicated people who collectively came up with quite the novel idea. Instead of using the traditional Content Management System (CMS) that is widely used and thus the customary way to manage a website, what if they could create a way for people to edit their website while it was open, right in the browser? After a year of hard work, the team, who also maintains the company themselves, launched this new and unconventional system and within a short period of 3 months Jigsy was providing thousands of customers with their web hosting services.

In March, 2011, Jigsy was rebranded from their previous name of Viviti Web Hosting.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

Jigsy offers 3 different pricing plans in order to offer a variety of plans for the variety of reasons that people are looking for when wanting to host a website.

$10 a Month Package

  • Storage Space - 1 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • Number of Websites - 3
  • Number of Pages - Unlimited
  • Premium Support
$20 a Month Package
  • Storage Space - 3 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • Number of Websites - 5
  • Number of Pages - Unlimited
  • Premium Support
$30 a Month Package
  • Storage Space - 5 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • Number of Websites - 10
  • Number of Pages - Unlimited
  • Premium Support

Although Jigsy doesn't offer a money-back guarantee, they do offer new users the ability to try out their web hosting services for a free 15-day trial. Also, a discount is given with the purchase of a 1-year contract (10%) or a 2-year contract (30%).

Jigsy Features rating:

Jigsy offers some of the more basic yet essential features that people are looking for when hosting a website. What sets Jigsy apart from other web hosting companies is the fact that they offer a way for customers to build/manage their website while it is in an open browser vs. using CMS, which is so very common amongst other similar web hosting providers. Those that are new to the web hosting world are especially going to appreciate the ease of creating a website with Jigsy's user-friendly features.

Although you are given a domain name when you first sign up (the url will include the Jigsy name), you do have the option to register and host your own domain name at an additional cost. Unlimited email accounts are also available at an additional cost (per domain).

Jigsy Reliability/Performance rating:

Together, the Jigsy team has more than 10 years of web hosting experience, which they have utilized in the designing of their data center. All of Jigsy's servers, which includes their storage and network equipment, have been designed so that they provide redundant services. These redundant services have also been built into all of the backup systems, which means that their backup system has a backup system. Even though Jigsy has implemented so many elements into designing a secure system, they still employ system engineers who monitor the entire system 24/7 in order to give their customers that extra feeling of security.

Although Jigsy doesn’t offer an uptime guarantee, they do promise their customers that they will experience 100% uptime.

Jigsy Ease of set up and use rating:

Jigsy offers a number of components that allow users to build their website exactly how they want it to be. Some of the more popular components include Blogs, Email Forms, PayPal, eBay, Google Maps, Image Gallery, RSS Feeds, and more. The dashboard provides a nice overview of your account so you are able to see all of your account information at a glance. When designing your website, simply go to the dashboard and select the website name you wish to create and click on the 'edit site' button. Although the options are very easy-to-use and thus understand, the opportunity for you to hire a designer to build your website for you is an available.

Blogging Tools. If you're looking to set up a blog, Jigsy offers a number of helpful tools that will assist you in creating and maintaining a blog.

Image Uploader. Using the image uploader allows for a super easy way to organize and display your pictures. Additionally, the ability to connect your Flickr account directly to your website is an option.

Statistics. A built-in statistics tool is offered and is a great way to help you monitor all of your website traffic, as well as providing information on daily/unique visitors, and more.

Jigsy Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

Jigsy web hosting aims to provide their customers with all the detailed information they need so that they are able to build and manage their website with ease. Support Wiki is used as the means for providing these helpful resources, which are listed in sections in order to make the information easier to find. Sections include Common Questions, Introduction, Website Builder, Website Builder Themes, Blogging, Components, Tips & Tricks, and Helpful Links.

Community Forums. Visit this forum in order to read how issues have been solved by other Jigsy users.

Help Ticket. Send an email to Jigsy if you are not able to find the answer(s) you need using the resources provided.

Live Chat. If you prefer to chat with a representative in real time, using the live chat option is an option.

Email. Send an email in order to receive a detailed response to your particular question/issue.

Phone. Call their non toll-free phone number to talk with a Jigsy representative.

Jigsy Value rating:

The overall value of Jigsy's web hosting services is considered to be good. The features offered aren’t as vast as those receive from other similar web hosting companies, and the storage space is limited vs. the unlimited amount of storage space offered by most other web hosting providers that are similar in price. In fact, the pricing of Jigsy's web hosting packages compared to other similar web hosting plans are about 20% to 45% higher, and that includes those that offer unlimited storage space. The ease of being able to create and manage a website are definitely a plus, as customers are able to build and launch their particular website with minimal time and effort, which is instrumental in raising the overall value of Jigsy's web hosting packages.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. The simplicity of being able to build and manage a website using Jigsy's open browser system is impressive, as well as easy and fun!

Weaknesses. The price of Jigsy's web hosting packages are considerably more when compared to other similar web hosting plans, of which some offer even more/better features.

Jigsy Recommendation rating:

Jigsy web hosting company aims to make their customers experience in creating, launching, and managing a website one that is uncomplicated as well as fun and easy to do. The Jigsy team has a lot of web hosting experience, and since they are the ones who designed as well as manage the company, they understand what people want and accordingly do their best to give it to them. Their data center is reliable and secure, and their customer support team offers individualized service making it so that customers are able to feel that the Jigsy team truly cares about their particular issue.

Jigsy informs their clients via their terms of agreement, that their service may include advertisements. A refund is available if requested within 7 days when you buy the 3-month package, and within 30 days if a yearly package is purchased.

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