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Overall Rating
Price Range$7.95 - $19.95
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk Space5GB-15GB
Email Addresses50-150
Free DomainNot Included
Support24/7/365 support team
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Jumpline.com Web Hosting Coupon
Cost Structure
1 month contract$9.95-$19.95
12 month contract$7.95-$15.95

Key Features

Jumpline Web Hosting Review & Summary

Company Description

Jumpline web hosting is a privately-owned web hosting company located in Columbus, Ohio that began offering their web hosting services back in 1997. With a focus on putting their customers' needs first, they currently host more than 150,000 websites that are located all over the world. Their mission? To offer the very best solutions to any and all web hosting needs that people are looking for when it comes to building, launching, and managing their particular website. This translates to a company that takes a detailed and professional approach, trying their best to provide that perfect web hosting environment for both those that are new to the web hosting world as well as those who are more experienced.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

Jumpline offers four different plans (the account features are the same for both cPanel and Plesk, see below for more details) in order to meet the various needs of the variety of customers that are looking for the best web hosting plan that's just right for them.

Stacked Plan

  • Storage Space - 10GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer - 100GB
  • FTP Accounts - 10
  • Backup Schedule - Daily (10 Days)
Layered Plan
  • Storage Space - 15GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer - 150GB
  • FTP Accounts - 15
  • Backup Schedule - Daily (15 Days)
Expanded Plan
  • Storage Space - 20GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer - 200GB
  • FTP Accounts - 20
  • Backup Schedule - Daily (20 Days)
Pay As You Go Plan
  • Storage Space - 0.05/GB/Day
  • Monthly Data Transfer - 0.10/GB
  • FTP Accounts - Unlimited
  • Backup Schedule - Daily (30 Days) - Optional at 0.05/Day
  • Monthly Only Plan Available

You'll save a minimum of 20% if you choose an annual agreement vs. a monthly agreement.

A Dedicated IP Address is available for an additional $3.00 per month.

Jumpline Features rating:

Jumpline offers their customers the choice between two control panels - the first choice is powered by Parallels Plesk Panel 9.2 while the second choice is cPanel 11 - which is a really nice element of their web hosting plans that you don’t find very often. Since there is a wealth of features offered in both control panels (and you're new to the web hosting world!), it's a really good idea to research the control panels in order to figure out which one may better suit your particular web hosting needs. Once inside the control panel you've chosen, you are able to edit the control panel so that it meets your specific needs.

Jumpline also writes a blog that contains lots of informative articles that can assist you with managing your website.

Jumpline Reliability/Performance rating:

Jumpline utilizes Dell PowerEdge server hardware, which is known for its high reliability and performance power. Additionally, daily backups* are performed utilizing IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager, with regular snapshots of every server taken so that they are able to quickly restore any content that may be lost due to server failure. Add to this that data center provides redundant cores/power, and you've got a system that promotes both reliable as well as quality power.

These performance features make it so that Jumpline is so confident in their servers that they are able to go beyond the typical 99.9% uptime guarantee, and instead offer their customers a 100% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement).

* If you require a restore using Jumpline's backup service, you'll be charged a $50 fee.

Jumpline Ease of set up and use rating:

Since Jumpline offers their customers 2 choices when it comes to using a control panel, they are able to select the one they deem to be more user-friendly for their particular web hosting needs. Both of these control panels are full of features, offering users many great options when it comes to hosting their particular website. Offering a choice between two of the more popular control panels on the market today is a really smart idea as it provides those who prefer web hosting one control panel for another the option to choose their favorite.

SiteBuilder. You'll need to create a password before logging into SiteBuilder, where you are able to build and launch your website in well under an hour.

Jumpline Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

Jumpline has a Support Center that is categorized by topic - Email Center, Publishing Center, Control Panels, more… - which makes finding the particular support you need easier to find. The information provided comes in the form of fairly brief articles, so although you may find the answer you need it is likely that you'll want a little more in-depth information in order to have a fuller/better understanding of exactly what it is that you are doing. There is also a How-To section as well as a Quick Start Guide section, which both contain answers to some of the more common questions that arise when setting up and managing a new website.

Although Jumpline offers their customers technical support on a 24/7/365 basis, customer service support is only available from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (EST) from Monday through Friday.

Live Chat. Instructions for using live chat state that they will help you find the answers you need that are already listed on the website, which makes it seem that using this method of support is more of a guide to helping you find the answer(s) you need on the website and not from the support representative. Jumpline states that the average response time is one hour, receiving a response in less than a few minutes is quite common.

Support Ticket. Submitting a support ticket is only for technical support issues, billing and/or payment questions, or a general sales question. NOTE: Billing and/or payment questions are only addressed from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (EST) Monday through Friday.

Phone. Call Jumpline's toll-free or local number in order to speak with a live representative between the hours of 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (EST) Monday through Friday. Expect to wait anywhere from one minute to upwards of 8 minutes, which is dependent on day and time of day called.

Jumpline Value rating:

The overall value Jumpline's web hosting services are considered to be good. Although they offer two control panels, which is a really great feature, the price paid for their plans should include unlimited storage space as well as unlimited monthly data transfer. Also, their customer support service is only available from Monday through Friday, which can prove to be very inconvenient if you need assistance over the weekend.

Jumpline does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which although is quite standard offers people the option to cancel their chosen plan and receive a full refund.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. Offering customers the choice between two of the most utilized and thus popular control panels is a definite strength and allows Jumpline to set themselves apart from the majority of web hosting providers. Additionally, a 100% uptime guarantee is offered giving new customers the confidence to give Jumpline's web hosting services a try.

Weaknesses. The price paid for the web hosting plans should really include unlimited storage space and monthly data transfer.

Jumpline Recommendation rating:

Jumpline web hosting company is one that places a lot of focus on providing the best, fastest and thus the most reliable technology so that their customers are able to easily manage their particular website with the least amount of difficulty possible. The fact that they have been in existence for over a decade and are host to 150,000+ websites shows that they indeed know what they are doing when it comes to being a quality web host provider.

Recommendations include changing the current web hosting plans so that they provide unlimited storage space and monthly data transfer, as well as increasing their customer support hours so that users are able to contact customer support anytime and not have to wait in order to contact/receive an answer to any issues that may arise. Overall, Jumpline web hosting is definitely worth the time looking into, and with a 30-day money back guarantee, you truly have nothing to lose!

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