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Overall Rating
Price Range$2.95 - $7.95
Editor RankingHighest Recommendation
Disk SpaceUnlimited Disk Space
BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
Email AddressesN/A
Free DomainIncluded
Guarantee30 Days
Support24/7 Phone Support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

Cost Structure
1 year$2.95 - $7.95

Key Features

Midphase Web Hosting Review & Summary

Company Description

The MidPhase Web Hosting company was founded in 2003 with a mission to offer people the most affordable and reliable way to manage their website hosting needs. Currently providing web hosting services to more than 120,000 people, MidPhase's main focus is providing value to their customers, especially small businesses who want to build their own quality website, and they do this by offering a multitude of web hosting services that are geared towards those looking to create a small website yet want and/or need access to all the latest technological tools available for optimal website creation.

MidPhase is a private web hosting company that aims to separate themselves from the rest of the web hosting companies by offering quite a few different options when it comes to using their web hosting services.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

MidPhase offers 3 different web hosting plans from which you are able to choose.

Starter Plan. A basic hosting plan that provides hosting for one domain and comes with one database.

Unlimited Plan. Just like the name says, this plan offers unlimited domains, databases, web space, and bandwidth.

Business Plan. Receive the same benefits as the Unlimited Plan, plus anti-spam software, stats 2, continuous data protection, a free static IP address, and an SSL certificate.

All plans come with:

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSL Secure Website Access
  • An Email Account
  • Instant Activation
  • Free Domain (dependant on the billing cycle you choose)
  • Much more!

Once you pay for the plan you are taken to a page stating that your order has been submitted and log in information will be sent to you shortly. MidPhase offers their customers a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 99.9% guarantee that their website will be up and running (as with most web hosting companies, some downtime is considered to be unavoidable).

*One concern is that when you are initially setting up an account with MidPhase, you are able to set your contact preferences, which allows you to receive messages to inform you that you are reaching your disk quota or bandwidth usage limit. So the question is - Why are these options available when the accounts are supposed to be unlimited?

Midphase Features rating:

MidPhase does offer lots of really great features that people are sure to appreciate, such as unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth, two features that are highly sought after, and especially at the low subscription prices that MidPhase offers, which are considered to be quite the bargain. Accordingly, these are the top features that allow MidPhase to stand out from the rest and is the main reason why people choose to use their web hosting services.

MidPhase supports Ruby on Rails, which is only available with the Unlimited or Business Plans. Search engine credits come with every plan allowing you to choose up to $75 in Google Search credits or $25 in Yahoo Search credits, which is considered standard for most web hosting companies.

Additional Features at a cost include enhanced website statistics, premium virus and spam protection, a static IP address, unlimited databases and/or sub-domains, continuous data protection.

Midphase Reliability/Performance rating:

Although MidPhase claims they have a 99.9% uptime (as do most other web hosting companies) there have been quite a few complaints from customers complaining about their particular website experiencing a lot of downtime. Although the downtime is usually minimal, averaging less than an hour in span, there have been a few criticisms from people who have had their website down for more than 24 hours. Even though the number of websites that claim to have experienced some downtime is very small when compared to the number of websites that MidPhase is currently hosting, downtime issues seem to be occurring more than 0.1% of the time promised.

There is a MidPhase System Status page that informs customers of any server status and/or any scheduled maintenance that will be taking place. The page is updated every 30 minutes when they have identified an outage in order to keep their customers as up-to-date as possible.

MidPhase Web Hosting is the recipient of many honorable awards, which helps to give the site authority. Receiving recognition from prominent review and/or consumer organizations is not only quite impressive, it is a great way to let people know that the MidPhase Web Hosting website is one that goes above and beyond the usual expectations so customers should be able to expect more when they choose to use MidPhases's Web Hosting services.

Some Awards Won: 2007 Top Ten Webhost, Best Unix/Linux Hosting, CNET User Recommended, and Most Popular Web Host.

Midphase Ease of set up and use rating:

Once you log in to the control panel, otherwise known as cPanel Accelerated 2, a popup asks if you need help getting started, which is a really great option for those who are new to MidPhase Web Hosting services. If you choose to use the wizard, you will be taken through a series of pages that provide some really great, basic information that is written in layman's terms making it very useful for the web hosting newbie. Topics addressed include Introduction to Web Hosting, New Email Account Setup, Webmail, Contact Information and Preferences, Change Style, and Manage SSH Keys.

Once you've completed these setup steps, you are taken to the Home Page of your account, where you are able to manage your website preferences. The page is easy to view and when you click on one of the options, you are instantly taken to the relevant page, which explains as well as guides you with your choices.

When compared to other web hosting companies, actually launching the website is more complicated as there is not a one-step setup button like so many other companies are now offering, making the actual launch a truly simple process.

Midphase Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

MidPhase offers 24/7 customer service so you always have access to help if needed. There are 3 options for contacting MidPhase's customer support - phone, email, and online chat. There is also a support center that can answer your questions and should be utilized first to see if you are able to find your answer here first before reaching out for customer support.

When first reviewing the MidPhase website, you'll notice that there's a 'Need Help?' button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the page so you are able to contact someone to ask for help with sales, billing, and/or technical support. Simply insert your name, domain name or client ID, and your question into the appropriate areas and then press the Start Chat button. Wait time is minimal, with an average waiting time of 3 to 6 minutes.

Reaching a customer support agent by telephone can take anywhere from 4 - 18 minutes, depending on the day and time that the call was placed. Although, there have been accounts of people waiting for more than 30 minutes to get help when calling MidPhase's customer support line.

Once you are in the control panel, you can click on the help or contact button to create a popup. From that popup you are able to click on the Contact Customer Support link, which takes you to a contact form. Interestingly, this is the only way you are able to contact customer support once you're logged into your MidPhase account.

Midphase Value rating:

The value of MidPhase's Web Hosting plans are considered to fall in the great to excellent range, as the price paid for the hosting plan is well worth the web hosting services that are received.

Of course, the more you pay, the more features you're going to receive. For example, one of the features that comes at a cost and is the dedicated IP address, which MidPhase charges an additional $2 a month for when you choose the Starter or Unlimited Plan.

Even if you choose to pay for additional features, the price is still so low for a MidPhase Web Hosting account that the value is retained.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. The price paid for the value received is definitely a plus, especially in these tough, economic times. Also, the fact that MidPhase has their own blog shows that they care about their customers and their needs by including lots of helpful articles related to the web hosting industry. The 30-day money back guarantee is always a great option as it is normally given by a company that is confident in their ability to provide great service.

Weaknesses. MidPhase's promise to have an uptime of 99.9% is questionable due to so many people stating that their website has experienced some sort of downtime, whether it was for one hour or one day.

Midphase Recommendation rating:

MidPhase's Web Hosting services are recommended to those who are looking not only for an affordable way to launch a website, yet are also in need of a lot of disk space and/or bandwidth. The features offered are all current and relevant to the times, making one feel that MidPhase is up to date in regards to all the latest technologies.

Finding the right web hosting company that can meet your particular website needs is not difficult to do when you know what you need. And if you aren’t exactly sure what your web hosting needs are, feel free to contact MidPhases's customer support. They are only a click away…

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