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Price Range$29.95 - $59.95Transaction Fee0.5%
Editor RankingRecommendedFree DomainNo
Disk Space5GB - UnlimitedGuarantee30 Days
Bandwidth50GB - UnlimitedSupport24/7 Phone Support
Cost Structure
1 Month$29.95 - $59.95

Key Features

Ebay ProStores: The Proven Route to Success

Got a product or service to sell? Want to start a Web store? It would be nice if one of the leading online businesses could offer a hand? If the best one-stop online shop could take your fledgling Web business under its wing and teach it to fly, you could go onto the Web boldly with success in reach.

Ebay has answered our call. Started in 1995, Ebay has become one of the leading global Internet brands today, and today, it can help your business fly. Today, Ebay offers ProStores—everything that you need to get your business onto the Web and into viewers’ homes.

Offering four packages starting for as low as $6.95 per month, ProStores has a package for everyone. Whether selling a limited number of different items, starting a business, or restructuring an existing business, Ebay can deliver the tools for your success. Plus, when you sign up with Ebay ProStores today, you'll receive the first month absolutely free!

A special offer to start flying today is listed below:

ProStores Express

Have the urge to sell a thing from time to time? Maybe you eye things at garage sales that you know could bring you money? Start online selling right. Ebay ProStore Express can lend you its name and expertise in selling items over the Web. And with PayPal included, you will have an already popular payment system to boot.

ProStores Business

Starting a business? Ebay ProStores Business is the package for you. Acting as your Web host, domain name registrar, and 24/7 support, Ebay personnel can start your business on the right foot. No reason to piece together your online business from different hosts and registars. Ebay ProStores is the one-stop shop.

ProStores Advanced

If you want to restructure your small to medium business, Ebay ProStores Advanced would be the way to go. Streamline and grow your business with online marketing tools, inventory management, and payment features. If the next step for your business is the world, Ebay is your driver.

ProStores Enterprise

Even the large- or enterprise-sized business going online has a solution with Ebay. Ebay ProStore Enterprise offers the big business secure integration of online sales with existing systems. It offers affiliate marketing programs and sales team coordination. It is ideal for businesses that sell complex products or provide services by direct salespersons or professionals.

Want your business to be a success? Want your business to go global? Want it to fly to every corner of the world? Take the proven route with Ebay and ProStores.

ProStores E-commerce Solution from Ebay

ProStores is ideal for individuals and businesses who want to reach new customers, grow online sales, and accelerate business growth.

ProStores can help you:

  • Enhance your brand with a customizable online storefront and a personalized web address
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by never missing a single opportunity to make a sale
  • Grow online sales and accelerate business growth through multiple online sales channels

Start building your web store today and receive a 1 Month Free Trial!

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