Three Ways to Build Trust in Your Online Business

Trust is the foundation for a great online business. Your customers need to feel secure when ordering the goods or services you offer on your Web site. A customer who trusts is a customer who buys and comes back for more. The following are a few ways to build trust with your customers.

1. Set Up a Successful Storefront

A familiar, easy-to-navigate storefront can make or break a potential customer. Your online business needs an interface that is simple to use and meets the expectations of a typical online business. Pictures, shopping cart functions, and security features will help your online business to be as effective and familiar to the customer as possible, but remember to keep your storefront clean and easy to understand. It’s important not to overwhelm your customer with too many options. If you are unsure how to proceed with building your storefront, keep reading for specific advice.

2. Choose a Web Host

It’s safe to say that beginning online entrepreneurs will be outsourcing a large part of their Web site’s technical operations to a Web host. It’s important to consider a hosting plan tailored specifically to the needs of your online business. Many hosting companies offer enhanced e-commerce features such as storefront building, transaction processing, and merchant accounts. A good web host is also an invaluable asset if you run into any problems with your online business.

3. Secure Sensitive Information With SSL

Financial transactions between consumers and online businesses are the embodiment of trust. Your customers trust you to take their payment information and to protect it. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard method for securing communications on the Web. SSL provides data encryption and message integrity on both sides of the transaction. SSL is built into all Web browsing software, you simply need to install a digital certificate on your server to turn on the browser’s SSL abilities. If you encounter any trouble with this, your Web host will be able to help guide you through the process.