4 Free Business Tools Your Business Should Be Using

The allure of the word “free,” in our culture, is usually something that can’t be resisted. In the case of these business tools, the word “free” means exactly that – you should stop resisting and learn exactly what kind of great business services you’re missing out on.

But what do these tools do, exactly, and why are we recommending them to you? The story will unravel in the telling, especially as you learn about the free capabilities you’ve been ignoring too long and the potential applications it might have for the way you do business. Chances are by the end of this article you’ll be as excited about these free business tools as we are.

Google Voice

Sure, we’ll start with a big (and popular) one. But that’s okay. If you aren’t already using Google Voice, this quick summary should convince you that your strategy is failing you.

What is Google Voice? In essence, it’s a phone management system that allows you to look at your phone world from the filter of an Internet connection. That’s exactly what the modern business traveler should be looking for, of course, but if you haven’t even been looking for these solutions, then you need to give it a try. Send text messages online, have your voicemails transcribed and emailed to you – there’s really nothing you can’t do once you start to figure out what Google Voice is. So give it a try; we promise you won’t regret joining the herd.


Sticking with the Google theme (really, is there anything Google hasn’t done and provided for free?), we need to mention SketchUp, which is one of the best 3D modelers out there that won’t cost you a couple of trips to your local bank for a loan. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but if you’ve been in the market for a piece of 3D modeling software then there’s a good chance you know exactly what we’re talking about. SketchUp is the solution to those worries, allowing you to design just about anything you want – and the results will shock you in their quality. Did we mention it’s free?


A free download, Picasa is one of the best (and, obviously, most affordable) photo management programs out there. You can’t really argue with a name like Picasa, after all. You can use this software to manage your photos, synchronizing them into appropriate albums and essentially making your messy computer folders into something more becoming of a photo-holic like yourself. Of course, Picasa is also provided by Google, but by now you should be learning that’s not exactly a bad thing.


Scribd isn’t exactly the one-time download that Picasa is; it’s more like a resource. And as a business tool you’ve been ignoring, it’s important to realize just how much you’ve been missing by ignoring all of the free content available on Scribd. You can find everything from eBooks to legal documents on Scribd, saving you the money you might have otherwise invested in ramping up your business knowledge.

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