More is More: The Benefits of Multiple Domains

So you’ve chosen the perfect domain name. It’s catchy, memorable, and accurately describes your emerging online business. Don’t stop now! Purchasing multiple domains is an excellent business strategy for a variety of reasons.

Type-in Traffic

You may want to consider type-in traffic when securing multiple domains. Type-in traffic is the business you get when someone enters keywords in the address bar instead of in the keyword field of a search engine. It may be beneficial to secure multiple domain names that pertain to your business. For example, if you sell kayaks, your primary URL may be You might also consider redirecting type-in traffic from the following URLs:,, and


People frequently misspell or make typos when typing in domain names. It can be beneficial to secure and redirect URLs that are similar to your own. If your primary URL is, you might want to secure and It may also be advantageous to buy plural and singular versions of your URL, i.e., and


Your main URL should not contain hyphens, but it may be beneficial to purchase hyphenated versions of your name to prohibit competing businesses from using your branding. If your Website is, purchasing is beneficial from a marketing perspective.

Directions for Proper Redirect

Now that you have secured all names pertaining to your Website, it’s important to appropriately redirect traffic to avoid site penalties. Setting up a 301 permanent redirect is a better idea than using a Javascript or meta refresh method. A 301 redirect and will allow visitors to be linked automatically to your main site. To establish a 301 redirect, you can talk with your web host to determine the proper implementation.

Purchasing multiple domain names gives you an edge. At the end of the day, redirected customers can make a big difference in the success of your Web business.


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