Purchase the Right Domain Name the First Time

Though millions of Websites have snatched up millions of domain names already, domain name buyers can still find the right one for their online businesses if they follow a few tips.

When buying a domain name one has two decisions to make: what is the name and who will register it.

Naming Your Domain

Single-word domain names are taken, but do not despair. You can still find the ideal domain name for your Website. In fact, using unique word variations or combinations can better identify the purpose of your Website to customers. Remember to keep the domain name as simple as possible, especially considering spelling ability. If your customers cannot remember how to spell your name, they will never get there.

Finding the right name is important because, if successful, it quickly will become part of your business brand. Because it is important, choosing can be daunting. Many tools are available online to help you. Entering keywords about your site will produce a dozen possible names.

Registering Your Domain Name

Registering your domain name is relatively cheap these days and can even be free with subscription for Web hosting. Shop around. You can find the right registrar for you and find the one who offers the best additional services. Offers that want include domain name parking, URL forwarding, free e-mail forwarding, technical support, and an online control panel.

Because business is booming for domain name registrars you can get the most from them for the least price. However, the flip side of the same coin is that many scams also infest the Web. Be cautious when choosing your registrar. Inform yourself of the company’s history and credentials. Avoid fly-by-night traps by going with a company that has served the online community for some years.

Choosing the right registrar is also important because transferring a domain name from one to another is always a hassle.

Having chosen the right name to identify yourself on the Web, be sure to protect your investment. To do so, inform yourself and keep your records up to date. Domain name registration expires and must be re-registered. Registrars will help with this, but many times, because domain name registration is one the earliest decisions made when launching a Website, people forget who their registrar is.

The right domain name and the right registrar will go a long way to building your online business. Choose wisely.