Customer Satisfaction Depends on Dedicated Web Hosting

Serious e-tailers take note: site performance is directly related to customer revenue and retention. If your site isn’t operating at the appropriate speed and capability, it could be hurting your business.

People familiar with the industry suggest having a dedicated server as a hosting solution for e-commerce Web sites. Some of the advantages of dedicated servers include dedicated connections, individual use, and strict control over your Web site’s server, in addition to traditional technical support.

Beginning webmasters frequently create simple Web sites that contain content that is fairly static. Because of this, many novices choose to use shared hosting where similar webmasters are hosted on the same server. This works in the short term, but when a site becomes more popular, a dedicated server may be required. Shared hosting simply can’t provide the computing ability and scalable bandwidth necessary to power your premiere Web site.

Shared hosting services generally work with at least 250 Web sites each. This means customers have to compete for limited memory resources. If a fellow customer has a site that takes up 50% of the server’s resources, the other hosting customers have to share what’s left over. Shared hosting equipment will ultimately result in deteriorated service to your clientele, whereas dedicated hosting will provide your site with a custom-made hosting solution for you alone.

You can customize your package to make sure that the services your customers receive are efficient and fast. Primary traits of your package will include administrative access, increased IP address allotments, greater bandwidth and storage capacity, increased performance and security and operating system selection.

A high-traffic site that requires dedicated hosting should cost around $200 US per month. Though this is a considerable increase over a shared hosting service (generally $25 US a month or less), the advantages you receive will quickly become apparent.

By outsourcing your Internet requirements, you can avoid spending large amounts of money to host your site yourself. You’ll also receive the benefits of a dedicated hosting service.

Some benefits include more data transfer prospects and broader bandwidth. Since you won’t be sharing Web server resources with others, you will be able to maximize potential bandwidth on your site. A dedicated server package allows you to take advantage of the faster network connections your Web host provides. In addition, many established hosting companies offer redundancy with the help of numerous network connections. Because of this, download times on your Web page will be faster and readily available, which will increase your customer service and, therefore, your income.

Since providers financially insure their equipment and utilize data backup devices and failsafe power supplies in case of disaster, a dedicated host provides you the advantage of having an insured location with protection against fires, robbery, and loss of data. These benefits improve the safety and security of your Web site. Most dedicated plans also feature only four gigabytes of storage space instead of the100 megabytes generally offered with shared plans. This means you’ll have more space for larger content such as graphics. More storage also means that you can archive log files can be instead of deleting them to be in-keeping with shared host regulations.

Another benefit to Web masters is that dedicated solutions provide premium administration tools. You will be allowed to configure and customize your server to your taste. When you choose a dedicated solution, you are considered the owner. Many hosting companies work with a “leased server” model, where they own the actual server, but you are granted exclusive control over your equipment.

This enables you to select the operating system of your choice and configure it to meet your specific needs. You can use programs like FTP Daemon, PC Anywhere, or Telnet to create your file infrastructure. This also grants you the ability to install any ancillary, streaming media, e-commerce, or interactive email applications. Hosts of shared servers will generally not allow anyone to install or compile their own applications because of the interference it may causes to other users, but because you are the administrator, you can make these decisions as you see fit.

You will be able to easily add additional sites through the use of multiple Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that will be assigned to your package. Many dedicated servers come with at least 5 separate addresses. You can add new sites to your server with these unique addresses. This makes the analysis of Web traffic from multiple sites simple.

Web masters of well-trafficked sites favor dedicated solutions because they provide excellent service, a necessary tool the Internet economy. Your Web host will be focused on ensuring maximum uptime and fast connectivity on your customized Web server while you can concentrate on your core business. Due to vast expansion in this portion of the host industry, it is expected that premium, high-end hosting providers will maintain their clientele with outstanding customer care. A competitive environment means Web masters will have access to the fastest hosting solutions available, which will then increase customer revenue and retention.