Why You Might Need Dedicated Web Hosting

Never able to share well? Dedicated web hosting allows you to lease from your hosting provider a server dedicated to your use and yours alone. No more sharing needed.

Dedicated service goes for the quality of care that this web hosting option grants as well. Leasing the state-of-the-art, pre-configured equipment and its connectivity comes with full management and maintenance of service by the hosting provider. In a top-of-the-line data center, your server will operate at maximum efficiency with little headache.

Aside from exclusivity and excellent care, dedicated web hosting permits you to totally customize your presence on the Web. Not bound by the operating system that a shared server might use, your software and multimedia options multiply tenfold. Each server is custom-designed for each client. You can choose disk space requirements, CPU speed, and other hardware components. Without the large up-front purchase of your own server, dedicated web hosting is almost all benefit and no cost. Its exclusivity grants security to boot.

However, dedicated web hosting is best suited to users whose online presence demands complex applications and considerable storage. Able to host multiple sites on one server, as well, attracts the businesses with sophisticated and varied needs. The guarantee of quality care of network connections, 24/7 monitoring of your server, and support availability give peace of mind when Web presence is so crucial.

Dedicated servers are offered from $99 to $3,000 per month. The range accounts for specifications, customer care, and technical support. Because a dedicated server requires more work than in shared hosting, you need IT competency to upkeep your server. Some dedicated hosting plans assume more competency than others.

Do you need a dedicated web host? If not yet, you may some day. Many shared web hosts also provide dedicated service as well. You don’t have to buy today. Upgrade when you outgrow sharing.