5 Web Site Maintenance Tips

Creating a great Web site is only half the battle: maintenance is key. Without proper maintenance, your site will not reach its maximum potential or keep visitors coming back for more. The following five maintenance tips will keep your Web site from becoming stagnant.

1. Battle Broken Links

More than just an annoyance, broken links can make a potential customer click elsewhere. It’s important to make sure that links are current. For example, linked business or services may go out of business, so be sure to check your links frequently.

2. Clean Up Your Code

Correctly written html code ensures that your search engine rankings and fully optimized. Improperly placed meta tags or header tags can affect your page rankings negatively. Scan your site for broken links frequently.

3. Keep Your Content Fresh

When your content is continually updated, search engines are more likely to spider your site, thereby increasing your page ranking. Try adding at least one new original article per week.

4. Maximize Inbound Links

The more sites that link to yours, the better your page ranking and more popular your site becomes. Try to get links from related Web sites, through link sharing or other methods. It’s important to constantly scour the Internet for new, related Web sites that may be willing to link to yours.

5. Monitor and Track Web Site Statistics

Keep a close eye on your Web site rankings and pay particular attention if there is a sudden drop in activity. The keywords used to find your Web site can change dramatically, and it’s important to stay on top of which words will perform well in search engines. Adjust your site and resubmit to search engines as necessary.

Analyze the Web site statistics your Web host provides to determine when, where, and how your visitors come to your Web site. By looking at patterns, you can adjust the copy on your page to obtain better numbers.