Green Hosting: Can Your Online Business be Environmentally Friendly?

Green hosting, also known as “Eco-Hosting,” is the term used for web hosting where the effects on the environment are considered. With more people becoming increasingly concerned about the effects their activities have on the environment, green hosting is becoming more common and a more sought-after option, especially as people are beginning to realize that web hosting is responsible for up to 65% of the annual carbon emissions of IT companies.

In green hosting, a proportion of the electricity used for hosting is sourced from renewable sources such as wind turbines or solar photovoltaic panels instead of the more usual, non-renewable, sources such as nuclear, natural gas, oil, or coal.

Datacenters are energy-hungry, and green hosting companies also aim to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by using energy that does not emit significant quantities of carbon dioxide, which is thought to be linked to climate change.

Green hosting companies use every means available to make their systems more energy efficient, and many feed electricity from the renewable sources back into the grid to reduce their carbon footprint even more.

Currently, green hosting is available from web hosting companies based in many countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States and Australia. Even though renewable energy can be a little more expensive than traditionally sourced electricity, green hosting is often not more expensive than standard hosting.

Advantages of Green Hosting

Green hosting gives you the assurance your web presence is not damaging the environment, and yet green hosting has no effect on any of the features available with conventional website hosting. There is no difference in how the domains work or how a website is viewed, since all the regular features and services are the same. What is different is how the energy that powers the servers is produced.

Many green hosting companies give you a logo you can put on your website, and since many customers are concerned about the environment, this can be a good selling point.

If you are interested in going green, you can transfer an existing domain name or website to an eco-friendly service.

Disadvantages of Green Hosting

Some green hosting companies are much “greener” than others, and increasingly web hosts want to present their services as green because it boosts their sales. If you are concerned about the environmental effects of hosting it pays to read the small print to find out exactly they do that makes them green.

What is Next for Green Hosting Options?

As the demand for more environmentally conscious products rises, the availability of green hosting technology will increase. Even though some of the current environmentally friendly methods for producing electricity may have unintended side effects (such as suggested bird strikes from wind generators), research is continuing to find ways to improve green technology, make it more efficient, and lower costs.