How Much Should I Pay for Web Hosting?

Like everything else on the Web, there is not just one or a few but a multiple of web hosts available. And like everything else as well, the range of web hosts is considerable. One way to organize and ultimately understand what web host bests your online business is to categorize web hosts by their cost.


Free means no monthly service fee; it does not necessarily mean free. Free hosts typically offer smaller web space, limited features, and are best suited for the amateur or Web dabbler. If you stay amateur, you might dodge the additional charges free hosts must demand to keep afloat. Of course, setup fees and domain name registry fees are difficult to avoid for anyone on the Web. As a business though, you forego technical support and reliability as well with free hosts.


Most web hosts have a plan one step up from free. Costing from $1-$15 per month, the only real difference is the charge. Basic plans still offer limited web space, limited features, and little to no customer support. You may bypass setup fees and domain costs if you sign on to a larger web host like GoDaddy or PowWeb, but all in all your business will not get the most from money spent here.


The most popular group of hosts is the low-cost host. Affordable at $5-$10 per month, these plans can offer a lot of features in all-in-one feature packages precisely because they are popular. This plan best suits most businesses, and offers a reliability to start-ups that starting a business requires. One downside—because these plans are made to sell and sell, sometimes web hosts spend more time on marketing than customer support. Try out the support before you subscribe.


Ranging from $15-$50 per month, these hosting plans generally offer little more than the low-cost plans. Sometimes they are identical. These web hosts are newer, most times, and having not been able to establish a large clientele yet, cannot offer the savings the low-cost web hosts can.


You pay for the top-of-the-line plan. Some cost only $15 per month, but others run into the hundreds. If your business needs considerable web space and quality trained technical support, the high level of performance the top of the line grants you may well be worth its cost. Both shared web hosting and dedicated servers are options in the highest packages.