The Importance of Inbound Links

Inbound links are an excellent way to improve your search engine rankings and increase the number of people who visit your site. Search engines like Google look for the most quality inbound links to a site for higher rankings. Quality comes before quantity in the world of inbound links, so you’re better off having a smaller number of solid, top-notch links than a large number of weaker ones. Article marketing is the number one strategy for gathering quality inbound links.

Article marketing is a tried and true way to earn inbound links. The best way to go about this is by writing and submitting articles that pertain to your site’s niche. It is important to put a resource box at the end of each article that links to your Website. When you write quality articles, people will repost them over and over on their own Websites. This will give you the coveted inbound link for search engines, but it will also serve as a way for new potential customers to locate you. This is an ideal situation all around.

It is important that the articles you write be original content. If the information you are posting is available from many sources, the chances are lower that someone will repost your article. It can be helpful to search other articles that pertain to your topic, but you have to make sure that the final product is your and yours alone. Not only will a plagiarized article cost you inbound links, you could be in violation of copyright laws. Once you have written an original article, offer it to Websites in your niche for free (remember to include your response box). You won’t be asking for an inbound link, you’ll simply be offering free information to related sites.

Once you’ve written several original articles, you can compile them into an ebook. Include an author bio and a link to your site and offer it to other site owners for free. Your ebook will make its way into the hands of potential customers or other relevant site owners and this can increase your inbound links. It can also be beneficial to submit your article to various article directories. When other site owners republish your article, your inbound links will grow.

Writing original articles is a great way to acquire inbound links. Writing articles also keeps you on the cutting edge of your niche and helps to establish you as an expert in your field.