Interactive Websites: A Class Act

Interactive features can bring in the business. For years, larger sites have been capitalizing on a simple principle to increase their numbers: people love to give feedback. When customers feel that they have a hand in shaping a website through polls, forums, and blogs, they keep coming back again and again.


People love to share their opinions. A properly placed poll will not only engage customers, it will keep them coming back to see how other people have voted. When customers feel their opinions are appreciated, the site feels less like a corporation and more like a neighborhood store. Customers know that their opinions will factor and shape the overall experience.


Forums are an extremely popular way to make your site interactive. Whether the forum is focused specifically on something that pertains to the Website or allows users to talk about any topic they like, forums are an excellent way for your website to be interactive. The discussion of products or services offered on your site is free advertising and a way for word of mouth to travel. Forums also make your Website a place where people go to connect with others. The community environment will ensure repeat visitors.


A blog is a fast and easy way to keep your customers up-to-date about your products and services. On a blog, you can combine elements of forums and polls in addition to allowing customers space to comment. Customers can interact through all of these venues and they can also link to their own blogs. This creates a truly interactive community and makes your site a place where customers go to connect with other likeminded individuals.

Interaction is key to maintaining customer interest. Take a tip from popular sites and make your business as interactive and user-friendly as possible. Your site will become a reflection of your customers and they will keep coming back to help shape it.