Which is Best for VPS? Linux or Windows

The ongoing debate that pops up on the web is the question of whether Linux or Microsoft Windows is the better operating system for web hosting when it comes to setting up a virtual private server (VPS).

Many people make the mistake of thinking that because they use Windows for their computer’s operating system, then Windows is automatically the best choice for web hosting needs, but what is best for an internet server and what you need for desktop computing are very different.

Working out what you need for your own purposes is an important first step, and the following comparison may help you work out what is best for your purposes. Regardless of the option you choose, your website’s visitors can use either Linux or Windows as their own operating system.


Linux is open source, which means the operating system usually has no licensing fees for use, and updates to the operating system are also free. This makes Linux a cheaper option than Windows, which is a commercial product with high costs. Windows can also increase the cost because the operating system itself uses more RAM, so you can get by with less RAM if you use Linux.


Linux servers are more reliable than Windows servers and can offer 100% uptime, which Windows finds impossible to match. Since Linux is open source it can easily be modified to handle load spikes. Linux servers use fewer system resources than Windows servers, which means you have more information space on your VPS server, and this can also reduce your downtime.


If your website was built with Microsoft ASP and ASP.NET technology, then you need to use a Windows server hosting plan because Linux is incompatible with this system. If you need to use MS SQL or Access, you will also need to choose a Microsoft Windows platform. Windows can also a software platform called Microsoft Sharepoint, which is used for developing web sites, portals, wikis and blogs under a single server.

Access to the server

Windows VPS servers offer the convenience of remote desktop access to your server and uses a graphical user interface (GUI), making configuration easier. With Linux access these days is also often via a graphical control panel, but sometimes access is still via Secure Shell (SSH), a text-based interface. This can be disconcerting for beginners, but is actually more powerful once you have learned the commands.

Linux VPS and Windows VPS are generally comparable in features. Linux will save you money and your system will be more efficient and guarantee more uptime, but Windows allows you to use other Microsoft programs such as MS SQL, which you may need or be used to.

The best platform for you depends on your budget and your needs.