Marketing Matters Your Web Site

Great marketing (through ads, emails, letters, and Web pages) is an essential part of any successful Web business, but great marketing doesn’t happen by accident. The following checklist is a guide to help you maximize your marketing efforts.

Headline Highlights

Like a newspaper, a powerful marketing headline commands readership. Does your headline contain an important fact or interesting claim? Does it inspire your guests to continue reading? If your headline doesn’t incite curiosity in the reader from the outset, you need to revise it.

Design is also an important aspect of a headline. Does the headline flow when read aloud? Is the font easy to read and are the line breaks in appropriate places? A headline is your first impression, so make sure it’s as strong as it can possibly be.

The Readability Factor

Once you’ve engaged the reader, your next task is to deliver a clear, concise message. Now is not the time to show off your massive vocabulary; instead, stick to short declarative sentences that really drive your point home. Is it clear what goods or services you are offering? Is the actual structure of the ad pleasing to look at? Do you utilize positive, believable language and are the advantages of using your goods or services clear to the reader? It’s important that once you’ve grabbed the reader, you deliver your message as directly as possible to have the greatest affect.

The voice of your marketing material is also important. You want your marketing materials to be warm and personalized, not cold and distant. Think of marketing as your opportunity to show the reader how great your products or services are. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to speak directly with your audience.

Closing the Deal

Since the last lines of your ad are the final things a reader reads, it’s important to leave a lasting impression by ending in a strong way. Do you give your reader compelling evidence to order? Do you express the advantages and disadvantages of using or not using the featured goods and services? Ending with a call to action tells the reader how they need to respond. Stating, “Sign up today and save 20%” gives your audience a mission and an incentive to follow through.