Maximizing Traffic to Your Website

Your website is online, but no one is visiting. How do you increase website traffic? There are three ways to do so: search engines, advertising and publicity, and word of mouth. All should be utilized for optimal success.

Search Engines

When you look for something on the Web typically you look through a search engine. Your potential traffic does the same. The key here is to make sure that your website uses the keywords and phrases, the same metatags, and titles for which your potential customers search.

To best utilize search engines, you must submit your URL to each and all for inclusion in their searches. Search engines do not find you. On each of the engines’ homepages, you can find the link for submitting your URL. Follow their guidelines, and submit to every search engine. “Pay for placement” services are also available and can easily generate considerable traffic for only a penny a hit.

Publicize Your Website

Traditional means of advertising should not be overlooked to promote your website. Print and email ads can do wonders for online businesses. Just make sure to include your web address on everything—business cards, mail ads, menus, etc. Also, check the Web for sites similar to yours. You can exchange links and double your traffic with comparison shoppers.

Get the Word Out

Once you get someone to your website, if you satisfy them, they become your best advertisement. Quality customer service and new, fresh content both can bring your customers back to your website and can bring them back with their friends and families. Because word of mouth is more personal than search engines or link exchanges, the rewards from it are uniquely satisfying. Your online business, peopled now, can thrive in the community and blossom to success.