Prepare Your E-Store for the Holidays

The holiday season will be here before you know it, so there’s no better time than the present to make your Web site appealing to gift givers. Keep the following tips in mind to get your business booming over the holidays.

Stay in Season

Make sure that all of the products listed on the main pages of your e-store are currently available and in season. If you have items that are out of stock or not relevant to your holiday merchandising, simply create Clearance or Out-of-Season categories for those products. It’s important not to waste your valuable selling spaces with products that are out of date.

Shipping Schedules

Since many purchases around the holidays are time-sensitive, make sure that your shipping schedules and delivery guarantees are clearly posted and accurate on your e-store. If there are unexpected problems, it is important to contact the customer immediately to allow them to make other arrangements. Customer service is always important, but customer service during the holidays can make or break a long-time customer.

Keep in Contact

It’s especially important to have your contact information prominently displayed during the holiday season. Potential customers often have many more questions when they are purchasing something as a gift, so it’s best to have your toll-free number, email address, and business hours clearly posted. Contact during the holidays also allows your staff the opportunity to upsell or suggest additional products that the customer may want to give as a gift.

Making the extra effort during the holiday season can take your business to the next level year round.