Promoting Your Online Business

A customer does not go back to a company brochure. No one picks it up, reads it, keeps its, stores it, and rereads it cover to cover again. Don’t let your website become simply a brochure. A website can be the most effective tool for any business. But one must promote it correctly.

A Dynamic Tool

A website is not a brochure because it is mutable. It is dynamic. The best website success stories always include businesses whose websites offer unique and ever-changing content. Customers will return time and time again to your website if your website varies—highlighting new promotions or linking to the freshest sites, for example. Consider your customer base, the niche of buyers you intend to woo, to decide how best to refresh your website. What changes would they most want to see?

Quick and Easy

The quickest way to lose a customer is to confound him or her. Your website must be easy to use. Too many quality ecommerce solutions, such as shopping carts or outsourced providers, exist to excuse any website for a difficult purchase. If you confuse your customer at purchase time, he or she will likely cancel the transaction; incompetence is hard to trust.

Legibility throughout the website is also of grave importance. Though this includes the text, legibility also considers the images and layout design. A customer needs to easily know and navigate your website. At the speed that the Web moves, a customer needs to understand what you sell, for how much, and how to get it in an instant. Website designers can help you greatly with this, but if you are designing your own: keep it simple as a rule.


When a customer looks for something on the Web typically he or she looks through a search engine. The key to being found is to make sure that your website uses the same keywords and phrases, the same metatags, descriptions, and titles for which your potential customer searches.

To best utilize search engines, you must submit your URL to each and all for inclusion in their searches. Search engines do not find you. On each of the engines’ homepages, you can find the link for submitting your URL. Follow their guidelines, and submit to every search engine. “Pay for placement” services are also available and can easily generate considerable traffic for only a penny a hit.

Follow the above tools to build your vibrant and luring website. Lure and snare your customers by understanding their interests, by offering services and products simply, and by utilizing their search engines.