Shared Web Hosting for a Small Business

Luckily for the small online-business owners, good web hosting is an affordable choice. Catering to so many, web hosts are able to provide effective features and sizable web space at a reasonable cost. They do this with shared web hosting.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting refers to multiple accounts managed on one server and is referred to not only by the name “shared hosting” but also by “budget hosting” and “personal hosting.” Most web hosts packages are shared web hosting packages. As a rule, you should assume any service under $20/month is shared.

Because shared hosting is inexpensive, limits in bandwidth, storage space, and features are to be expected with the package. However, a small business seldom requires more than the 100 megabytes of space, 20 to 50 gigabytes of bandwidth, and the 10 to 50 email addresses that come included with these packages. Unless a business requires more on its onset, shared web hosting is an ideal way to start.

If a business begins to use 75% of the allotted storage and bandwidth, then it needs to upgrade. Most web hosts provide upgrade packages, and they will themselves warn you if you are about to exceed your space.

Another benefit to shared web hosting packages is that they provide easy-to-use control panels and programming options. A popular option is blog hosting. Blogs allow business owners to publish new information and new articles quickly. Adding the information themselves, owners can update their sites within seconds.

Today, anyone can afford to start an online business. So many web hosts provide reasonably-priced, reasonably-sized packages with sufficient and effective features.

Start yours today.