Track Your Web Page's Traffic

Did you know that you can monitor the traffic that visits your Web site? That’s right. With the use of a statistical package, you can know which of your pages is most popular, from what country your visitors come from, and which links, if any, are broken. Offered by most Web hosting providers, stat packages allow Web site operators to monitor the usage of their site. Besides the above examples, they can tell you which times are your peak traffic times, too.

Consumers like stat packages because, in effect, it quantifies a Web site’s popularity. The specialized software processes raw log files and spits them out in easy-to-read charts. These log files can show you how a visitor moved through your site. You can know what site they came from, which pages of yours they visited in what order, and even what browser and IP address they used. Popular examples of stat packages are Analog, Livestats, and NetIQ.

Though stat packages are a must when operating a Web site— to judge its popularity, know how and where to market it, and upkeep the usability of the site—stat packages give more of a sense of the traffic flow rather than its details. Cache-driven Web components and hidden IP addresses can skew the results. Stat packages are not hard science, but do dismiss their auguring abilities.

Stat packages come in handy when deciding the actual load on a server. In diagnosing, planning, and ferreting out unusual behaviors, the stat package is really a must. If the goal of your site administrator is to keep your Web presence running and running smoothly, they will need Web stats.

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