Traits of the Best Managed Web Host

A Web host should provide a quality system, resources, and personnel to maintain a complex server environment. Paid specifically for the service of maintenance, provisioning, testing, and ongoing management of servers and their environment, the best Web hosts guarantee to deliver.


A managed host should guarantee the top level of hardware, servers as well as cables and miscellaneous parts. These parts should be backed by extensive warranties and serviced contractually by on-site technicians.

Aside from hardware care, the best host will also take great care to successfully deploy software as well. The installation of software and operating systems should be managed by your provider. This management includes routine testing and upgrading with service packs and security patches.


That the Web hosts helps to maintain your server and ultimately helps to keep your website online is a true service indeed. But the best Web hosts go a step further and open up their diagnostics and information to their clients. After monitoring log files, traffic patterns, disk space usage, et al, consumers can access this information themselves. Transparency in the operation and maintenance of your server or the server your site is hosted on, ensures reliability and quality of care beyond the mediocre hosts.


Perhaps the best judge of the quality that a hosting firm will offer is judged against its people. Hardware and software notwithstanding, the people make it work. The people maintain it. The people, then, are the ones you need to rate before you decide on a firm.

Qualified technical support is a must have for a successful Web host/ client partnership. You will want to make sure that a firm’s technicians are certified to work with certain operating systems and software.

Aside from the technical support staff, the best Web hosts provide clients with a dedicated account manager. The strength of this contact alone can make or break a business. Make sure that your dedicated account manager is available through normal business hours and have alternate means of communication for off-hours.

Serving you is the Web host’s aim. Looking for quality in these areas—in its hardware and software system, in its resourcefulness and transparency of workmanship, and in its personnel choices—will ensure that you and your website get the best leg up for your online business.