How VPS hosting can benefit your web site or small business web

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There are so many different types of web hosting it may be confusing. Often we go for the lowest cost which is shared web hosting. With contracts to lock in even lower prices, we are also often left disappointed with a shared web host that does not deliver. If you have a large web site or plan rapid growth there are alternatives. In our previous blog entry we covered cloud hosting and today we cover Virtual Private Server or VPS. The following is an excerpt from our new article, Virtual Private Servers Explained: Have you outgrown shared hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is what is created when a web hosting provider takes one of their larger servers and divides it into many separate small servers. Also known as a Virtual Root Server (VRS) or a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), the idea originated due to a need to provide more individualized services to website owners who found that they needed more power and functionality than their shared web hosting account could provide. Before the advent of a VPS, those who needed to upgrade their shared web hosting account had to do so using a dedicated server, which can get quite expensive.

What Exactly Does VPS Mean?

A Virtual Private Server is quite the inventive idea. Since a number of small virtual servers can be used instead of the one large server, which are now considered to be individual servers and can now be rented out to many different customers, more people are going to benefit from the additional resources that come with a VPS. These customers are now not only able to still have access to the power that the larger server provides, they are now able to receive their very own dedicated Central Processing Unit (CPU) as well as Random Access Memory (RAM).

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Five Reasons you may need Cloud Hosting for your Web Site

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Perhaps cloud hosting is a term you've heard tossed around recently? But now you're probably wondering what it is and can it help my business or web site? We've added a new article to our resource section to help you with this question. Below is an excerpt from our new article: Cloud Hosting - Understanding the Basics.

Although the idea of Cloud Hosting has been around for many years, only recently has this concept to host a website been put into actual practice. Also known as Cloud Computing and Clustered Hosting, Cloud Hosting is quite different from the way client-server computing has been working for the past 20 years when every application was allocated to one web server that was located in one data center. Unfortunately, this meant that if one server were to experience any down time the user would experience an interruption in their service (unless a backup system took over, which didn’t always work as expected).

What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

When Cloud Hosting is utilized, an entire network of interconnected servers is used to host a website instead of just the one web server. This means that all of the resources that are needed to manage a website are being utilized by more than the one web server, which in turn means that the website will now be able to use several different servers to house all the various facets needed to competently host the website. This new setup allows for both faster and much more efficient web hosting services.

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Web Hosting and Free Trials - List of Top Free Trial Coupons and Promo Codes

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Several companies offer a free trial, so you can test out their web hosting plans at little or no risk. These differ from a money back guarantee, which will reimburse you, after you have already made payment.

Intuit Websites' 30 day free trial seems to be the most popular but we have also listed several others in the list below:

Most Popular Coupons on

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We have released the top 10 most popular domain name, web hosting, and e-commerce coupons on our site. Popularity is based on the amount of coupons redeemed by users during the year of 2011.

The most popular companies include Yahoo! Small Business,, 1and1, Ipower, and Netfirms. Please see the list below for full details.

Top 10 Most Popular Coupons now features VPS Web Hosting!

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Were excited to announce that now covers VPS web hosting products!

Perhaps your business or web site is at the point where it has outgrown all that shared web hosting has to offer. It's important that you improve the foundations on which your business or web site is built on in order to continue the growth. You also might not quite be at the point where you require your own dedicated server. That is where VPS or virtual private server come in. VPS fills the gap between shared web hosting and dedicated servers. You are given the guaranteed resources of a virtual machine unlike shared web hosting but also at a much more affordable price than a dedicated server.

To learn more about our featured VPS web hosting providers please visit our VPS Web Hosting section or use the VPS Web Hosting Comparison tool.

For more information about what exactly VPS web hosting is please check out our helpful resources!
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